Digital Asset Management Platform

digital asset management platform

The benefits of using a digital asset management platform

Where do you store your branded files? On your desktop, in a folder no one else goes in? Maybe your design agency has your new Facebook ads but you don’t actually have the latest versions yourself? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then you should consider investing in a digital asset management platform. Rather than having material sprawled across multiple employees, departments, or computers, why not instead keep everything in one secure place? This company (Bynder.com) solves all these (and other branding management & production) issues at a stroke. For those who are unfamiliar with this type of software, let’s discuss just some of the benefits in more detail…

Cloud based

DAM platforms live in the cloud, so no more having to send large files across email where they can later be lost – users can simply login and collaborate with one another. Employees and partners will always have access to the latest versions, without the need resend out updated material. You won’t run out of storage, your server won’t go down and if John from the design agency is on holiday it won’t mean that no one can get hold of a specific asset.

Secure and safe

DAM software is highly secure, with all traffic to and from the platform only using a secure https connection. For added security, administrators are only allowed to access the platform from specific IP addresses, meaning you can control exactly who accesses your data and when.


DAM platforms are often able to integrate with other popular software applications and platforms such as WordPress, Adobe, Salesforce, Getty and Slack. This makes them super useful and you can integrate them into your existing workflow. 


Who is actually utilizing your branded material in your organization? This is just one question that can be answered, as well as measured, using the analytics data associated with DAM software. Another great benefit is that you can find new ways to drive adoption from those users who are less engaged as well as improving performance by ascertaining asset usages or downloads across multiple business teams.

Access anywhere at any time

Using a cloud based DAM platform means that you can securely access your companies branded assets online, at a time of your choosing, no matter where you are. For example, maybe you are out of the office at an exhibition and only have an iPad with you but want to show a prospect some of the amazing material your company has been producing. With DAM software your assets are just a click (login) away from your fingertips, so no more delving through old emails or logging into the company shared drive to find what you are looking for. 

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