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DIY Cold Sensor:Are You Wasting Money?


Are you wasting money on heating or air conditioning, trying to control the temperature of the house while drafts from outside are defeating you? Drafts come from all places. Under doors, the corners of doors or windows, even through outlets, especially when they are on an outside wall. Detecting where the drafts are might be as hard as fixing them. But there is a way, with BlindSpotz, to detect cold drafts. The sensors work easily can tell the severity of the draft too.

DIY Cold Sensor


Cold Spot Sensors are stickers that can be put where you think there might be a draft, or where you don’t think there is a draft, but want to check. They are left there for 48 hours and the sensors will change colors, indicating they are working and indicating if there is a draft.blindspotz
I was worried most of drafts by my bedroom windows, where I have blinds with much sunlight coming in. The windows are double-pained glass but that does not mean there isn’t any drafts around the frames or where the windows seal.blindspotz I tried them by the sliding glass door going to my backyard, next to my front door and at the bottom of my front door. Each package comes with 8 cold spot sensors so they can be tried all over the house. They can also be used more than once. by reactivating the stickers, by rubbing them, making sure the degree lines are all grayed out.
In my house I have noticed that I have no major drafts but there is small ones by the front and back door. I do not have any by the windows. the temperature is recorded when the colorbar is activated. They are all gray when starting. If the first or second bar are blue, it is normal. If they third or fourth are blue it means there is a draft that needs to be fixed. People can send the pictures to [email protected] and receive a variety of solutions to fix your energy problems as well as a coupon at participating retailers and contractors.

You can look here to see how BlindSpotz work and how to use them in your home.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Review Wire Media for BlindSpotz.
To try your own BlindSpotz you can enter below. There will be three winners, each winning three packages of BlindSpotz. Retail Value is $9.99 each. If the winner has won the same prize from another blog, they are not eligible to win again.


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