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DIY Soap Making Made Easy – Just In Time For Holiday Gifts! @SMGurusNetwork


DIY Soap Making Made Easy - Just In Time For Holiday Gifts!

DIY Soap Making Made Easy – Just In Time For Holiday Gifts!

Saponify Melt and Pour Soap Base lets you and your family to enjoy making soap together without any of the dangerous chemicals or messy oils usually involved. This exclusive and unique natural recipe, formulated by a soapmaker and guild member with juried craft show experience, was tested and perfected for over three years before being released to the market.

This raw form base makes it easy to create amazing soaps, from simple shaped bars to complex multi-layer creations – just go with wherever you imagination takes you. Simply follow the instructions on the packaging – Cut the brick into 1-inch cubes, place into a microwave safe container, and heat until the base is fully liquid. Add your favorite skin-safe color and fragrance if you’d like, pour into a silicone or plastic mold, and spray with rubbing alcohol to remove any bubbles that may form. That’s really all there is to it and the results are amazing – it’s a safe bet you’ll never buy store brand soap again!

It doesn’t even take long to feel the need to experiment. The formula is designed to allow suspension of smaller soaps, herbs, seeds, exfoliants, or toys inside your bars, so you can craft unique and interesting soaps that make truly memorable gifts.
The soap feels gentle, moisturizing, and lathers exceptionally well.  All of the bases are unscented, so you can control the type and amount of scent by adding essential oils.
With holiday gift-giving around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your family together for an afternoon or evening of soap making, with this amazing soap base by Saponify.


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