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Dog Domino

Dog Domino

Dog Domino game is for two to four players and contains 28 cute and colorful dog dominoes. Have fun matching seven delightful pooches: Chihuahua, Dachshund, Dalmatian, Labrador, Poodle, Pug and German Shepherd. Get your last domino down first to win the game and become top dog!

Dog Domino

Playing dominoes with dogs is the best way to involve younger members of the family who do not feel so comfortable (or interested) playing with an abstract concept such as the number of dots on a square. Dogs will get the whole family playing!

About the Author
Artist Itsuko Suzuki is a popular Japanese artist and dog lover. Her quirky illustrations and dog portraits have featured in several books and magazines around the world.

This is super cute and fun for all ages.  Let the little ones learn about the different types of dogs, teens can have fun giving each dog a funny name, adults can name dogs they know.  This is a great family games.

You can find Dog Domino at the Lawrence King Website.

I received this product to give my honest opinion.


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