Dog Training Collar by CUJO CONTROL #cujocontrol

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Dog Training Collar by CUJO CONTROL

Just so you know I am not into shocking my dog.  I will not do it!  But that is why this collar is so great, you do not have to shock them.  This collar tone, vibrate, or uses shock.  I am using the vibrate currently.  He is wearing it in this picture, his fur covers it up.

2015-08-27 18.16.25

When he jumps on me I hit the vibrate button once and tell him no and put his paws down.  It does not hurt him but he is aware that something is different.  So it did not take long for him to learn not to jump on me.  I guess it would not be that big of a deal except his claws scratch my legs when I have shorts on.  I think I hit the button 3 times and he has totally stopped jumping on me.  Just amazing.

2015-07-29 20.56.08

He only barks when he sees other dogs.  He has a big fenced in yard and loves to play with any dogs, male or female.  We have had a few visitors for him and he loves it, but he thinks all dogs need to come and play with him in his yard.  So I will try to use this on that also.

This collar will give you control of your dog easier without hurting him or her.  This is easy to use and Jake is responding really well.   Why spend a ton of money on training when you can train your dog with very little effort.  Reward his good behavior so he/she knows this is what you want, then when you see what you do not like vibrate the collar and tell him no, quiet, or stop – using the same command so the dog knows you do not like the behavior.

This collar can be used on biting, jumping, barking, and chewing.  Show everyone what a wonderful dog you have by teaching them no to jump on visitors, or drive the neighbors crazy with unneeded barking.

Plus you can teach your dog to mind you and not run in the road, or stop when they are told to.




This kit includes one wireless remote, one collar/receiver, and one USB battery charger.  It also has a test light and contact points.  The collar fits a neck from 10 inches to 24 inches.



You can train up to 2 dogs with the same transmitter.  The range is up to 800 meters.  One level sound mode comes with the transmitter.  Red flashing LED and sound model in receiver.  This is rechargeable and water- resistant.



Cujo offers a lifetime, no- questions asked money back guarantee and world class customer service!

I received this product to give my  honest opinion.

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