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Don’t Forget The Halos For Valentine’s Fun @HalosFun @SMGurusNetwork

Don't Forget The Halos For Valentine's Fun

Don’t Forget The Halos For Valentine’s Fun

Wonderful Halos sent me this awesome box full of great things to have some Valentine fun, so I wanted to share them with you.  This box was full and they did not let me forget the Halos for Valentine’s fun!

Don't Forget The Halos For Valentine's Fun

This cookie jar is decorated so cute with the little hearts and the wings on the Wonderful Halos.  We eat so many Halos around our house.  The minute we see them in the stores, they are in our kitchen.  Desiree takes at least 2 for snacks at school everyday, and sometimes more for her friends.  I don’t mind because I know their parents will not mind because Wonderful Halos are so healthy for anyone, and a lot better than junk food.  These are easy to peel and small enough they can eat them between classes.  Plus it gives them the extra energy to get through their day, and the vitamin C never hurts.

Don't Forget The Halos For Valentine's Fun

See this was full before I opened the plastic, I knew we were ready for some fun.

Don't Forget The Halos For Valentine's Fun

Yeah all of this in one box, can you believe it.  I have to say my Valentine Stuffed Halo is so adorable and I was surprised when I pulled it out.  It is a lot bigger than I thought could fit.  This kit has some great crafting ideas and recipes.  I think my favorite is the stickers for the Wonderful Halos, put the Valentine stickers on and give them instead of cards.  No candy just deliciousness!

When you have a minute, or send your kids, go to their website and they have lots of fun things to do.  For kids and adults for all the holidays and just for a day you want to have some fun.  But while you are there Don’t Forget The Halos For Valentine’s Fun!

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I received this to give my honest opinion.

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  1. Wonderful Idea Absolutely love this!!
    Kids eat way more fruits & Veggie if we make it fun!!
    I love Halo’s & will remember this!!
    Thank YOU! <3 🙂

  2. I love these Halos because they are seedless and they are so juicy. What a great idea for Valentines Day instead of candy.

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