Don’t Forget To Get Your Favorite Palmer’s Candy For Fall

Don’t Forget To Get Your Favorite Palmer’s Candy For Fall

If you are putting together a fall gathering then you will need to include your favorite Palmer’s Candy!  They have such a wonderful variety, if you don’t have a favorite you will!  Halloween is a great time to have a bunch of chocolate eye balls, or white chocolate with peanut butter mummies!

We received a huge box of our favorite Palmer Candy and the girls started bugging me right away, can we open these and those.  They could not decide which bag so I think they opened most of it!

If you order online during the summer they pack it in ice, while protecting the candy from touching it.  This keeps it cool for the trip so everything arrived perfectly.

The huge bag on the bottom was the first to be opened.  With all the variety in it I can’t blame them.  You will fine a new favorite Palmer candy just in this bag along.  It includes 74 pieces of a mixture of white chocolate cookies & creme skull faces, white chocolate fudge filled skulls, pumpkin peanut butter cups, and double crisp witches.  These are perfect for parties or for giving out for Halloween!  I of course had to try each one, I have to say normally I am not a huge white chocolate fan but the white chocolate fudge filled is the perfect mix, but honestly that are all deliciously perfect!

The Gravestone Greeting is a chocolaty shell with a smooth and creamy chocolate center.  Talk about the perfect mix for these tiny gravestones with great names like I. Emma Ghost, I.M. Skaird, Hugo First, and Anita Mooretishan.  Fun and great tasting you can’t miss with this one!

The Creepy Peeper Mix of great tasting eyeballs is another fall favorite.  The one includes balls of great chocolate wrapped in foil eyeballs to make great decorations for a party.  This mix includes chocolate filled with peanut butter, caramel, and fudge.  I told you great tasting right?!

Hubby’s favorite is the Yummie Mummies take are white chocolate flavored with peanut butter filling coins wrapped in foil mummy faces.  The variety of eye colors on the mummies everyone will find one to match themselves.

Pumpkin spices cups is just what you think pumpkin spice in a chocolaty cup.  This is perfect for the adults at the party, they will love these.

The kids and adults will love the Caramel Apple Cups with caramel apple flavor in a chocolaty cup it is a new favorite for the entire house!

Did you fine your new favorite Palmer’s Candy from all that we received?  We found some new favorites that our family knows your family will love also.

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  1. What an excellent selection! I like variety even in chocolates. Palmer’s White Chocolate is delicious! I’m the only one in the family that likes it though (more for me). I didn’t know they had such fun creepy selections! I am definitely checking them out! Usually we buy Palmer’s candies around Easter time. They have the delicious bunnies and the crispy eggs. They are very good! I have never heard anybody complaining or turning down this candy! Yummy ?

  2. (Don’t Forget To Get Your Favorite Palmer’s Candy For Fall) Our family has bought Palmer’s types of candies in the past. To me they taste just as good as the more expensive candies that you really just pay for the name of the candy.

  3. I am SO in love with all the flavors and varieties.. Simply one of the best chocolate companies..ever!!

  4. I do enjoy Palmer’s Candy. There is such a super variety and I love the holiday candies and chocolates best.

  5. That video is really helpful, I love that they make their own candy. I love all the variety that they have to offer.

  6. I’m so glad it’s almost time for Halloween–another great holiday to enjoy Palmer’s candy. Thank you for sharing!

  7. I have always loved Palmer’s candy. I mainly recognize the name from Easter candy. Now that I know they also make Halloween candy then I will purchase for sure.

  8. I love Palmer’s chocolate. They make these coin shaped candies that are half chocolate and half peanut butter. Oh, I can eat those all day.

  9. I have never had Palmer’s Candy before and it sound so amazing. Just reading about them made my mouth water. I’m definitely going to have to try their candy.

  10. Palmer’s always brings back memories of my younger years. I do not see it as much anymore in the store.

  11. I think I’d love to try the Creeper Peeper Mix. I’ve never seen this in stores before. I like that when you order online, they carefully package it for shipment.

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