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Don’t Let Your Ego Stop You From Being Eco (Friendly)

Don’t Let Your Ego Stop You From Being Eco (Friendly)

If you own a business, whether old or new, one of the best things you can possibly do is become more eco-friendly. You might already have reservations on this, but time and time again businesses have proved that going eco-friendly is a great idea.

Not only does this attract more people who have an environmental conscience to your business, it can also help you to save money in the long run.

Even taking small steps to a more eco-friendly business can be a wonderful thing to do. Here’s how you can get started:

Change Your Light bulbs

Changing your light bulbs takes just seconds, but having more eco-friendly bulbs can allow you the same level of light while saving money. Usually, eco-friendly light bulbs last much longer too.

Let In More Natural Light

Instead of using artificial light to light the workplace, let in more natural light. Natural light has the power to perk us up when we’re feeling unproductive, and is something we all need to make sure we get every day. Only use artificial lighting when it’s truly necessary.

Cut Back On Paper

Cutting back on paper is one of the big ones in business. You don’t need to print out a newsletter for every employee – just put one on the noticeboard. You definitely don’t need to print out emails, either. There are apps and software that can help you to cut back on paper documents, especially apps that help you to organize and keep track of employee documents.

Learn more about HR SaaS if you think this would be beneficial – there’s nothing worse than having an office overrun with these documents and risking losing them or messing them up. Cutting back on paper and investing in apps to help you do so is a must.

Create Recyclable Packaging

If you produce a product, recyclable packaging will make the world of difference. Not only will it attract more people to your product, it’ll allow you to reduce your carbon footprint in a big way.

Start A Recycling Scheme

Many companies have started a recycling scheme where customers take back packaging and products they have finished with to be recycled. To give your customers/employees an incentive to do this, offer rewards.

Be Mindful Of The Energy Your Business Uses

Be more mindful of the energy your business uses at all times, from leaving computers and lights on at night time to driving to work. Discuss this with your team so everybody is on the same page and has action steps they can pay attention to each day.

Encourage Carpooling And Working From Home

By encouraging carpooling and even working from home occasionally, you can save so much money and energy. You’ll reduce carbon emissions, encourage better relationships between employees, and show that you can be a flexible business all at the same time.

There you have it: it’s actually pretty simple to become more eco friendly when you think about it. Don’t let your ego get in the way!

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