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dooloop Helps When Walking The Dog

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dooloop Helps When Walking The Dog

We all need to be responsible when we walk our dogs and part of that is picking up after them. dooLoop helps you carry their waste in the bag without it being an extra pain. With dooloop you won’t have a hand full while walking it will be attached to the leash.

The dooloop is a modern leash accessory for those who’d rather not walk around swinging bags of dog poop in hand. Super easy to use, the dooloop frees your hands for better things, morning coffee, ringing phone, waving to a friend, holding an umbrella, or best, holding hands with someone you love. Strong, recycled/recyclable plastic, snuggly holds several bags in all weather. A carabiner or keyring is recommended for extra security.

The dooloop is made in Maine with non-toxic, BPA free, recycled/recyclable plastic, has minimal packaging, assembled by hand to avoid single use plastic. Convenient and light-weight, the dooloop makes your life easier while being kind to the planet. Easily clips onto the Leash, Backpack, Works with Dog Leash, Dog Carrier, Strollers, Bicycle Carrier and Bikes.

Dooloops come in 7 colors, lobster red, millennial pink, matcha green, charcoal, new blue and Bari’s lilac and bone woof white! If you ever wonder why “dooloop” is in lower case, turn it upside down ūüôā

Keep a social distance and stay healthy. We’re all in this together. A dooloop makes a great gift. This is perfect for all dog lovers. Anyone you know that has a dog needs this little device.

Walking the dogs still means frequent stops for sniffing, scooping and snacks, but no longer fumbling with bags. For stylish ‚Äúpacks,‚ÄĚ dooloops come in great colors, mix and match with your collars and leashes!

The dooloop




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  1. This is a great invention! It will definitely be a useful item for all dog owners to have, I know that it is not fun carrying around bags of poo. This allows you to stay hands-free, and all of the colors are awesome as well!

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