Dos Ron Rum – The Ultimate In Adult Beverages! @DosRonRum

Dos Ron Rum – The Ultimate In Adult Beverages!

If you are looking for that perfect after dinner drink that is satisfying and smooth then you really need to try Dos Ron Rum!  Rum is not your regular adult beverage you think of for after dinner but, if you can’t tell, this is best as a sipping rum, with or without ice.  Yeah it is that smooth!  You can add a rum to the list of your favorite adult beverage for after dinner or even with dinner, you will love this.  My husband is normally a whiskey type of after dinner choice kind of person, after trying this Dos Ron Rum it is on the top of both of our lists and I wanted you to know.

Dos Ron Rum is an award-winning, most luxurious rum you can find.  Dos Ron Rum is crafted and hand distilled in the Dominican Republic from Don Colina’s authentic Cuban family recipe.  Made with only the finest ingredients. Aged in special oak casks to ultimate perfection. Dos Ron Rum is a celebration of tradition, history and success. Enjoy Dos Ron’s golden hues, rich exotic aromas, and flavor notes of vanilla, cherry, and dried fruit with a caramelized sweetness.

❖ Crafted and hand distilled from Don Colina’s authentic Cuban family recipe.

❖ The appeal of this rum lies in its clarity, brilliance and extraordinary presence in the glass.

❖ Rich gold color with reddish nuances and hues of violet, cherry red and cinnabar.

❖ Exotic scent with a clear note of precious woods, but also confectionery with a core of sugar cane molasses.

❖ The flavor is harmonious, well-balanced, full –bodied and consistent, exuding it’s deep character.

❖ Best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, however some experts use it for cocktails as it maintains its character, scent and aroma.

❖ From 2014 – 2016, Dos Ron won 8 medals at the International Spirits Awards (6 Gold Medals and 2 Silver Medals)

❖ Specially selected aged rum blended by Carlos Morfa, Master Blender and Don Colina Family Patriarch.

❖ Imported from the Dominican Republic by Rhino Global Enterprises

❖ Retail priced around $49.99

Currently only available in Michigan and Texas.  This makes a great gift for the person that can appreciate a quality, smooth, and flavorful adult beverage.  The rich taste of Dos Ron 8 Year Rum is great on the rocks and also blends well with cola, fruit juice, or your favorite mixer. The bountiful, complex flavors of Dos Ron 16 Year Rum strike the perfect balance of heat and smoothness and is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

The history of Dos Ron is rich and intriguing, much like their rums. Founded in the mid-nineteenth century in the Las Villas region of Cuba, the Don Colina family farmed sugarcane on their plantation. Using a secret family recipe, they produced some of the finest solera rums.

My husband and I both thought this was by far the best rum we have ever tasted.  The smooth, full of flavor taste makes it a pleasure for your mouth!  We cannot find enough words to describe how nice Don Ros Rum flavor is.

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  1. These sound so good. I have never heard of these before. I would love to give them a try. Thank you so much for sharing

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