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Dr. Loth’s SpineAlign™ Pillow

Dr. Loth’s SpineAlign™ Pillow is a one-of-a-kind fully adjustable and customizable cervical contour pillow with a unique and patented design. Most ordinary pillows offer little to no support for your head and neck which can lead to symptoms like headaches or migraines, back and neck pain, numbness and tingling in your hands and feet just to name a few. The main reason for this is because ordinary pillows aren’t designed to help keep you in correct sleeping posture like the SpineAlign™ Pillow is. If you’re not sleeping in correct posture then you could be putting harmful and unwanted stress on your head, neck and spine and unfortunately most people don’t realize that there is a very good possibility that their pillow and/or mattress is causing these symptoms. The average person owns seven pillows because it’s incredibly difficult to find a pillow that will work for you specifically and most end up on the closet floor. The good news is that’s all about to change because there is now a solution to your pillow woes that millions of people share!


Hi, I’m Dr. Jason Loth, a sports chiropractor with over 17 years of experience and I have tried dozens of pillows over the years hoping that I could find just one that I could recommend to my family, patients and friends. Finding the right pillow is incredibly important because of the enormous impact, both negatively and positively, it can have on your health. Whether you are standing, sitting or sleeping, posture is crucial. There is much more attention given to standing and sitting in correct posture then there is to sleeping in correct posture. So all of this led me to invent the SpineAlign™ Pillow and this is the pillow that I now proudly recommend to my family, friends and patients. I designed this pillow with two distinct sides, a smaller side and a larger side so no matter what size you are, this pillow should accommodate your head and neck. I call this a “one-size fits most” pillow. It is also fully adjustable and customizable so you can make sure it fits you correctly.


There are two side sleeping chambers and one back sleeping chamber and these chambers are designed to help keep you in correct posture as you sleep. What this means is that you no longer need multiple pillows for back and side sleeping, the SpineAlign™ Pillow does it all! And when you sleep in correct posture, you’re reducing the harmful stress from your head, neck and spine that after time can have a very negative affect on your health. I also wanted this pillow to be the most comfortable pillow available, so I used a very soft and inviting Tencel blended fabric on the outside and a proprietary shredded foam fill on the inside that you can adjust because I’ve added a zipper on the back of each chamber for easy, no hastle access. Most contour pillows on the market are comprised of a one-piece foam which means that they can’t be adjusted. The problem with that is that every person is different so that’s why the SpineAlign™ Pillow is customizable to fit you exactly. And last but not least, I’ve added strips of mesh on both sides of the pillow which allows for better breathability as you sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 50-70 million people suffer from some sort of insomnia. Insomnia can be caused by so many different things, but a major reason that people suffer from insomnia is because they are uncomfortable. I wholeheartedly believe that a big reason that people are uncomfortable can be traced back to their pillow and/or mattress. My hope is that the SpineAlign™ Pillow will continue to change people’s lives!


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  1. I read about this pillow a month or so ago. Sine then my neck has been getting worse and worse. I think my neck is revolting because it wants this pillow 🙂

  2. I’m always waking up sore and with the occasional headache. I know I can use a new pillow that allows my spine and neck to be comfortable

  3. I have a plate in my neck at C6 & C7 from a bulging disc that also permanently pinched a nerve that goes into my shoulder blade so, I wake up daily with more than just a “stiff neck”. I have been looking for a pillow that’d help relieve at least some of the “stiffness”, & pain from sleeping. I would love to try this pillow!!? & I’d love to wake up in the morning with not so much pain, this pillow looks like it’d be WONDERFUL for that!!

  4. I am always trying to find a good pillow to support my neck and relieve pain. I have several trouble spots in my spine.

  5. I am always trying to find a good pillow to support my neck and relieve pain. I have had two spinal fusions and have chronic spondylosis so having a good pillow is important. This pillow looks like a great one. I have pad pillows similiar to this and some worked and some didn’t. Wish I had all the money I have spent on pillows in the last 20 years…Great review, I would love to win one of these.

  6. I have a very hard time sleeping. I do have alot of back and shoulder pain and get headaches often. I love that this pillow can be used for back sleeping or side sleeping. I would sure love to try one of these. Thank you so much for sharing

  7. I am interested. I noticed when beginning to order this pillow there is a space for a discount code. Anyone know if one is available?????
    Every little bit helps.
    Thank you in advance.
    And may all of us have healthier sleep and rest.

    1. SpineAlign Pillow Coupon: Save 5% off of the SpineAlign pillow with code “SLEEPOPOLIS5”

      found one but no idea if it works

  8. What really got my attention was when the creator of the pillow said that most people have 6 or 7 pillows. Yes! That’s me! And I still have to plump and puff and otherwise maneuver my pillows till I’m comfortable.

  9. My hubby has tried many different miracle pillows. He has to switch it up from time to time. This is one that he has not tried yet!

  10. I am super excited to try this pillow. I have been searching for something to help me sleep comfortably and this might be it!

  11. wow this is amazing. I would love to own this pillow for my chronic back pain.
    Thank you so much for your awesome review.

  12. I have used regular pillows for many years. It would be nice to have a specialized pillow made just for spine health.

  13. This looks like an outstanding product. I’d love for something to help me wake up feeling far more comfortable than I currently do.

  14. Hi everyone! Just like most of you, there are millions of people who wake up every morning with stiff necks. Many also wake up with upper back pain, headaches/migraines, numbness and tingling in their arms and hands, etc. The reason this pillow was invented by Dr. Loth was precisely to address symptoms like these (and many more like insomnia), that so many people suffer with. Unfortunatley, there really aren’t any pillows on the market that will keep you in correct sleeping posture, especially on your back AND side, (not to mention unparalleled comfort!). A big reason that so many people suffer with symptoms like these is because they’re using a pillow that doesn’t offer proper support to the head, neck, upper back and spine. In fact, most pillows put a lot of harmful stress on a persons spine which can be a very big contributing factor why so many people suffer daily with these types of symptoms. We’re hearing amazing stories from people who have had these types of symptoms but no longer do after using the SpineAlign™ Pillow. Now of course there are no guarantees with anything, but, we are seeing people get much relief from using our pillow and that was the whole purpose in creating the SpineAlign™ Pillow. And since most people don’t sleep in, (and may never have slept in), correct posture, this pillow can take a little bit of getting used to because your body has to be trained how to sleep in correct posture. It’s like going to the gym for the first time. Your muscles get sore because they’re not used to being trained, but the soreness goes away once your body adapts. This can happen with the pillow for the same reason, but most people adapt rather quickly. In fact, we are told by just about everyone using this pillow that they won’t travel anywhere without it because if they use a different pillow, their symptoms return. If everyone slept on a pillow like this, I’m convinced that we would see the amount of people who suffer with these symptoms drop dramatically! And on a side note, I did see a comment asking about an odor. We used the most natural materials that we could find to also allow for the greatest comfort while still being conforming, (about a 4 year search). So you don’t have to worry about any strong off-gasing, etc. If you have any questions about the pillow, please feel free to email us at [email protected]lign.com. We love helping people so please let us know how we can help you and I wish you all the best!

    Dave Scheina
    COO, Co-Founder

  15. I need this pillow. I have some discs in my neck that are bad. I would love to try this to see if it would help me.

  16. This pillow looks like Heaven. I have had a bad back for 12 years now and can’t find a pillow to help bring some kind of relief at night. Maybe this is the answer with this pillow.

  17. This sounds like such a wonderful pillow and one that would help my sore neck that I wake up with everyday. I love that you can readjust the pillow to fit your needs too.

  18. I have spent so much money on pillows. Beds I had a very bad car accident in 2010 ever since then I DON’T sleep right had surgery and everything on my back. Really wish I could found something to help me get sleep.

  19. I have neck issues from a rollover accident. And my husband has back problems from excessive bending at work. I think this my be helpful to us both.

  20. I need this! I am not exaggerating when I say I have spent hundreds of dollars looking for the perfect pillow over the past several years. I have tried so many and still haven’t found one that gives me the soft support I’m looking for. I would love to try this and see if it’s what I’ve been searching for!

  21. For all the reasons first listed, I have and then some- this pillow seems made for me! As long as it doesn’t have an odor- I’ve tried special pillows before that are supposed to help but there is a chemical smell that sets off these lovely migraines defeating the whole purpose because I’d rather put my head in a vice! Will need to look into this for more info.

  22. This pillow looks amazing, I would love to be able to try this out,I know for myself I don’t sleep well because I am always tossing because I am not comfortable with the pillow I have.

  23. With a name like SpineAlign, I would have been shocked if it wasn’t made by a chiropractor. I go to my chiropractor every single week for severe head, neck, upper and lower back pain. If this pillow can help with my staying in alignment, it will be the best pillow I have ever had, and I have bought a lot! I buy 1 to 4 every single year looking for one that doesn’t make my head hurt.

  24. I would love to receive Dr. Loth’s SpineAlign Pillow. I have poor posture and wake up with neck and back pain. Thank you Dr.Loth’s for this sweepstakes and for creating a great supportive pillow.

  25. I need to try this!! I have scoliosis and have been going to the chiropractor for years and it helps me a little bit but I think this pillow would be the icing on the cake.

  26. I wake up with neck and shoulder pain every morning…I have tried so many different pillows. I wonder if maybe this would be the answer to my problem.

  27. I have a hard time sleeping sometimes and this looks like it will help with keeping me in place even if I sleep on my side.

  28. I’ve been looking for a new pillow – I had one similar to this but it wore out. I’m a side sleeper but need neck support desperately.

  29. I absolutely need to try this. Broke my foot a few weeks ago and now the odd way I’m favoring it, is giving me back issues

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