Drink Slings Is The Perfect Father’s Day Gift!

Drink Slings

Drink Slings Is The Perfect Father’s Day Gift!

Who wants the perfect Father’s Day Gift?  Is dad a beer drinker?  Instead of a gun holster, try a Drink Sling.  Looks similar to a gun holster but it’s for beer, or any other bottled beverage.  You can even get it personalized!

Drink Slings

These are not just for Dads or just for men.  Anyone can use these.  Great for wedding party gifts, tailgating, barbeques, graduation gifts, and more.

These are handmade leather cup holders for bikes and beer holsters! The 100% veg tanned leather bicycle cup holders work with your cruiser, bike basket, looped around your handlebar, or can even go looped around your belt. All Drink Slings can be customized to add your initials, logo, name, bling, etc.

This is the perfect accessory for your biggest beer fans.

Drink Slings

We are not beer drinkers but these Faygo soda bottles fit perfectly!  Each Drink Sling is handcrafted, handcrafted, and will last a really long time.  The workmanship is truly amazing.  Personalize the front and the receiver (or you) will be thrilled.  I know a few people who would love this and would use it quite often.

Drink Slings

There are no flaws on this anyplace.

Drink Slings Drink Slings

It is super easy to attach to a belt, and you don’t even have to take the belt off to do it!

Drink Slings

This is the Black canvas beer holster with logo.  Keep your hands free, and beer cold!

Clip it on your pocket, waistband, or belt and simply strap the bottom to your leg and your drink is secure and you are ready to go.

Drink Slings

This is the back of this one.  It has a pocket for money, id, cards, etc.

This one is also very well made and stays on great.  Holds the bottle without any trouble and will not slide up or down.

The bicycle handlebar cup holder will carry your beer, coffee, water bottle, or even your phone. The beverage holster will free your hands for grilling, tailgating, working in the backyard, mowing the grass, or even tossing a frisbee.  Both Drink Slings Beer Holster and Bicycle Cup Holder, will hang from your hip, and hold your beverage.

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I received this product to give my honest opinion.

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  1. What an idea!.Beer on Gun holster! It could be a great gift with a huge surprise. And it will be helpful for guys, who want to keep beer with their all time!

  2. i love that it’s made hand made! my Dad and Husband will love that to put it on they do not hav to take their belts off. this is perfect for guys or anyone working outside it’s really wonderful.

  3. These look great. I’d like to have one for my walks w/my dogs. Would also be great for my sons and their rode bikes or maybe even their mountain bikes. Thank you for the review and letting us know about this unique product.

  4. This would be great for the guys. This way they dont have to sit their bottle down , then wonder whose beer is whose. Its right in their holster.

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