Driveway Landscaping Ideas to Try This Spring

Driveway Landscaping Ideas to Try This Spring

Driveway Landscaping Ideas to Try This Spring

Winter can seem like a very long season, in fact, it often feels like the longest season of all. So rather than get too depressed looking at the weather outdoors, or the plunging temperature on the thermometer, why not find some ways to take those winter blahs away and start thinking about spring projects. Winter is actually the ideal time to put your projects down on paper and start the planning process so that as soon as the nice weather arrives, you’ll be ready to get going on the project.

One of the most popular home improvement projects that homeowners take on in the spring is landscaping. Landscaping provides curb appeal, changes the look of your home, and can even improve the functionality of your exterior space. Perhaps you’ve already gotten your yard and garden to a place that you’re happy with, and now you’re ready to take it one step further, which could be driveway landscaping. When you think about how much space your driveway takes up, spending the time to improve the look of it can drastically change the look of your home.

Here is a look at some driveway landscaping ideas that you may want to include on your spring project list.

Add Interlocking Brick

Interlocking brick is a fabulous way to impart interest and design into your driveway. Whether you choose to rip out the asphalt and make the entire driveway interlocking brick, or you just use it as a feature such as an inlay or a border along the driveway, it will have a huge impact.

As an added tip, when using interlocking, it can be helpful to match it up to the brick on your home, so that you create a sense of flow from the driveway right to the house.

Use Plants and Trees to Your Advantage

For those who aren’t looking to go all out with interlocking and prefer something a bit more natural and even budget-friendly, you can create drama with plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers instead. You can strategically place gardens or just individual plants along the driveway to create that sense of a border.

Look at Lighting as a Design Feature

Just as you would spend time on your interior lighting choices, you can do the same with your driveway. Lighting the driveway is not only eye-catching but it also helps to increase the safety and security of your home.

You’ll find a variety of light posts, pot lights that can be sunken into the perimeter of the driveway, and solar lights that you can just place in the ground next to the driveway. Keep in mind that solar lights while fast and easy to install don’t tend to shine as bright as hardwired lights.

Add a Little Safety and Security to Your Driveway

While you’re improving the look and function of your driveway, you may also want to consider installing one of the popular driveway alarms available today. This type of alarm works by sending you an alert as soon as a car pulls into the driveway. This can be handy when you’re not home and even while you are home so that you know if someone is approaching your door.

You can choose from a variety of types that service different sized driveways, so be sure you know how big the driveway you are dealing with is.

Draw Attention to the Driveway

Each of these landscaping ideas will help to draw attention to your driveway for all the right reasons, and can even help to create a safer and more secure exterior for your home.

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  1. I love these ideas! I’ve been wanting to add some lighting to my front yard. I’ve never heard of driveway alarms until now. I would love to have one! They sound like a great safety feature.

  2. Our front yard could really use some help. I really like the interlocking bricks. I am not very good at picturing what would look nice. Thank you for sharing this great information

  3. Great ideas! I agree, the driveway is a real opportunity to add polish to your landscaping. I’m excited for Spring to spruce ours up a bit. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. My property needs a lot of work. Last year ended with the removal of 5 trees. Clean up still in process. Just got too cold. Need all the ideas I can get.

  5. I love the interlocking bricks. We have to put a driveway in, we have been using rocks and I need a solid surface so I won’t fall. I love your ideas. I need to start reading more to decide how I want to landscape it after we put the driveway in. Thanks for sharing.

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