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eat2explore Gives You The Tastes of The World

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eat2explore Gives You The Tastes of The World

If you like to try new recipes from around the world then eat2explore would be perfect for you and your family. Let the kids learn about where this food is made a lot while they help you make a special dinner. eat2explore lets you explore the world through food.

The kids will love to learn how other people live and they will love to help you make dinner. eat2explore is a subscription box where you get a 3 recipes to try. You can choose how many months you want and they have gluten-free and vegetarian available. As low as $21.20 per month and you just might find a new favorite family recipe. You can choose to explore a country, continent, or the world.


Included in the box is 3 recipe cards, flag pin, country sticker, essential spices and sauces. They also include a shopping list for what you will need at the store, activity sheet, collectable, and fun cooking tools. In your first box you get your passport to mark where you have been.

This kit gives you great family time and since the kids help make it they will be more willing to try it. Spend quality time with your family while making dinner and everyone will enjoy eating these special recipes.

The kids will learn a lot about a different country which is a great educational opportunity. Let them learn in a new and unique way, something they will remember the rest of their lives. This will give your child the opportunity to taste things they can’t buy here. On top of that they will learn new cooking skills which they will need when they get older.

You will learn about the different health benefits of unique ingredients and food combinations. Because you receive the seasonings and sauces you can choose when you make this. You can pick up the fresh ingredients when you are ready.





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  1. this sounds very interesting. You know how you find a recipe that you want to try then it takes all these spices. And when you check prices at the store………….

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