ECHTPower Programmable 4000DPI Pro Gaming Mouse #GMV40

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ECHTPower Programmable 4000DPI Pro Gaming Mouse

This ECHTPower Programmable 4000DPI Pro Gaming Mouse feels amazing in my hand. The soft satiny finish and the smooth elegant feel are phenomenal. The mouse glides over my mouse pad. The clothe cable shows this is not a common gaming mouse.


Build-in memory storage chips, memorizing while powered off, permanent memory.
Ergonomic design, internally and externally, to create the ultimate game concept.
Eco-friendly Idea.With excellent ABS material, exquisite treatment progress and careful assemble, the whole performance of the mouse improved a lot. Braided cable is well-built with reinforcement at the mouse end to prevent it from fraying.
Quick thumb function:Fast forward or backward when browsing the web, forward or backward at the same folder window.


Mouse Parameters
USB Refresh rate: 500HZ
Frame rate: 6400 FPS
Maximum Tracking Speed: 160IPS
Maximum Acceleration: 20g
Switch Life: 20 million
SPI Sampling time: 2ms
Dimension: 122x62x40mm
Weight: 132 ± 10g



Perfect ergonomic design
Macro-program buttons
4000 dpi game level precision optical engine
Super wear resistance Teflon mat
Five core shielding woven magnetic cable
DPI mode: 500/1000/1500/2000/3000/4000DPI

  • Super wear resistance Teflon Mat, can joint with the mouse pad better,move smoothly and positioning accuracy
  • Ergonomics engineering principle design- It gives gamers the most comfortable gaming experience ever, especially during the most testing of battles
  • 6 Programmable Buttons with Scrolling Wheel, Take Control of Your Games- Use the software to assign programmable features to the Precision Aim button, and then use it to execute commands like macros and keybindings – – a deadly weapon that will hit your enemy exactly where it hurts the most
  • The DPI LED color light will be constantly changed after set up
  • In the fierce battle for a long time to bring you the best comfort, stronger sustained operational ability, invincible


The lighting is very impressive. You can adjust polling rate as well as the dpi steps that suit your needs. You can also change the colors to whatever you prefer, and assign them to the dpi stages as well. The mouse is actually RGB even though they didn’t really state that. It’s not a full spectrum, but you can get most shades of any color you are shooting for.

dscn6591-2 dscn6593-2

The Shape. This mouse is actually on the small to medium size so it will suit nearly any hand size. I have large 21 cm hands, and felt this mouse was comfortable for my preferred fingertip grip. The pointy back may look like it could be an issue but I can confirm that it is not. The side grips were ample enough and I had no issue lifting this mouse up and tossing it around.

The Buttons were absolutely astonishing. The click was crisp and tactile on the left and right. The side buttons were placed well, and I have no complaints about them. The scroll wheel had distinguishable steps, and a smooth but resistant scroll.


– The shape and weight. Very key and probably the most critical aspect when choosing a mouse. Like I said I’m a claw-type and this mouse has concave sides with grip texture just for someone like me. I also mouse-lift and this one loves to be cradled with its dainty 3.3oz.


– The beautiful 65″ braided cord. The braided feature is really pleasing, the length over 5 feet is greatly appreciated. You can always get an extension, but it’s so annoying when you just need one more foot of length because the manufacturer shorted you. If you are a wireless mouse user, please tether yourself and come back down to earth.


– The software is a must. Make sure you go to that link up there and get the software. You’ll need to unzip the folder, then unzip “update” and load the bin file into their update program. You’ll then need to plug in (unplug if previously plugged in) the mouse and it will automatically load the file. I find the software is key as it eliminates the problems I had with this mouse, namely all the DPI settings when cycling through. I only want two DPI settings and having 6 to scroll through is crazy. With the software you can change the mouse from 250 all the way up to 4000.  Also you can change the polling rate and go from 125hz to 1000hz. The difference between 500hz and 1000hz may be negligible to most, but the difference between 125hz (basic mouse) and 500hz is noticeable.

dscn6597 dscn6598-4

I love the shape and the design. The extra buttons on the side are common nowadays and they’re fine. The mouse wheel is good, this is made from  plastic and has soft ridges with that tactile click I love. Also there are a lot of features in that software like macro recording and controlling how your mouse lights up.



Desiree shows you a little about this mouse in the video below.



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I received this item to give my honest opinion.


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  1. I would love to use this mouse! And the easy glide mat. I go through computer mice like crazy, usually the buttons stop working.

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