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Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Globe Junior @ed_insights

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Globe Junior

The GeoSafari Jr. Talking Globe sends little learners on a trip around the world with audio, lights, and sounds. Listen and learn with the built-in quiz game made just for young explorers. Perfect for creating an early understanding of geography!

GeoSafari Talking Globe Jr. guides young children on an exciting learning adventure to introduce geography basics. Two game modes, and variable subjects, allow children to learn geography with spoken and visual clues, then immediately quiz each lesson. High-quality digital voice technology, sound, and music add entertainment and educational value. Globe (12″) has just the right amount of detail and color coding to make it easy for young children to read. Adjustable volume, question repeat, help button, dazzling lights, and sound effects guide, reward, and excite. Teaches geography basics with special, subject-specific games and random quizzes that are never the same. Variable subject selection lets you focus learning on continents, countries, the U.S.A., or oceans. One to three players. One-year warranty.

Shhh. ..They’re Learning!

– Introduces little learners to basic geography.

– Encourages a love of travel and discovery.

– Promotes listening comprehension.

– Perfect for STEM learning.

The pictures and colored outlines of continents, countries or provinces is brilliant for giving hints for the child as they learn. This is a fantastic toy for beginning learners in geography.  The GeoSafari Talking Globe Jr. is an great teaching aid. The globe teaches the children about different countries, culture, songs and a lot  more.

This best-selling globe is designed specifically for younger children, introducing continents, countries, languages, and fun facts about our world.  Choose Explore or Game mode, then choose from Continents, Countries, the U.S.A., Oceans & More, and Super Safari!

Kids learn their way around the globe, locating continents, countries, U.S.A. states and capitals, oceans and seas, lakes and rivers, mountain ranges, landmarks, and much more.

Features 12″ globe, spoken facts, fun sounds and music, and lights to guide the learning.  Winner of the 2011 IEP award.
Instills an appreciate for the cultures, countries, and people of our world. Part of the best-selling GeoSafari Jr family of products.
Requires 4 C batteries (not included) or AC adapter (sold separately). For 1–3 players.



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  1. It continues to astound me that kids these days can’t locate most other countries on a map. Although they may not think a globe is a great gift, they will remember when they are older how great it is.

  2. I had a globe growing up and I love to look up places that were on tv or in a book and see where they were located. I love that this globe talks too!

  3. I want to get one of these for my Granddaughter. She loves everything about the earth and sky, this would really expand her learning capability if she could just find places and have the globe help her. Thanks for the review.

  4. (Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Globe Junior @ed_insights) This insight geosafari talking glob sounds wonderful for our five year old grandson to learn from. I know that he would find out all sorts of interesting facts from one of these.

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