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EFFISOO Massage Gun

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EFFISOO Massage Gun

EFFISOO Massage Gun

Do you get sore muscles from workout, working around the house, or maybe at your job? Then the EFFISOO Massage Gun will help relieve those sore muscles. You can do all the heavy lifting you need to and take care of it at home. The EFFISOO Massage Gun gets rid of the knots after a tough workout.

This has 6 different heads so you can place it just where you need it the most. It also has 5 speeds to get the intensity you are looking for. EFFISOO Massage Gun helps loosen tight muscles and ease joint stiffness.

The speed of this little massager is 1800-7200 R/min. It will last up to 6 hours. It has a 6000mAh battery capacity. 110-240V, DC12V,

Various health benefits include reducing muscle fatigue and discomfort, raise blood pressure, enhance the overall health of the soft tissues of the body, and also prevent fasciitis.

I have never seen one before with the LCD touch screen operation. It charges with the enclosed USB cord. Have it ready when you need it. Long lasting battery life and recharges quickly. Ergonomic design with anti-slip silicone grip.

6 different massage heads including the balls above that are 2 different sizes to get right where you need it to be. Plus this is much more affordable that a lot on the market.

For the person in your life that’s always looking for the coolest, latest high-tech gadgets on the market, this massage gun will make any tech-lover geek out.

Effectively relieve muscle fatigue and pain, and let you enjoy the comfortable experience brought by deep tissue massage gun.  Runs very quietly. The vibrations penetrate deep to relieve pain, digs into those tough knots and targets the necessary areas and relives the pain instantly.

This makes a great gift for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthday, or just because.





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  1. This sounds like a pretty impressive massage gun! I have never used one before, but I can see why it would be amazing to have. I love that it comes in a box to store it all in.

  2. I workout and run everyday, and could totally use this. I love that it comes with 6 different massage heads. The design is really nice.

  3. I like the touch screen on this. Some times yiou know till you try to use. This would be great for those joint stiffness. I have also heard that they work great on leg cramps

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