Ekster Wallets – The Most Secure Wallet I Have Seen @EksterWallets

Ekster Wallets Ekster Wallets – The Most Secure Wallet I Have Seen

When you travel do you worry about the machines they have that can read your credit card?  What about loosing your wallet?  That is a scary thought, but now Ekster® Wallets can put your mind at ease.  This is the first and only solar-powered trackable wallet!

You can travel and go places without the worry.  This is has a solar-powered tracker.  Find your wallet anyplace on the map then just ring it to assist you in finding it.  The RFID protection makes it almost impossible to skim your cards to steal the numbers. They carry wallets for woman also!

Ekster designed a GPS tracker that isn’t just small enough to fit into anything, but also smart enough to take your voice-command orders. This powerful little piece of tracking technology is now also connected to the Worldwide Chipolo Lost and Found network. This means that tracking is available in long ranges through a global lost-and-found community, or close ranges through a vibrant ring that helps you locate it easily through an app.

This has a cool quick access mechanism (push up side button to have easy access to your credit cards) without opening your wallet and showing money you may be carrying.  Just slide the cards up when needed and back down when you are done.  No more searching through everything to get the credit card.

Not only all of the above but  the Ekster® Wallets are perfect wallet because it looks great!  Any man would be proud to carry this in their pocket. This is their Parliament + Tracker Wallet.  This comes in 4 colors.  Made with premium European leather.

This wallet looks great and is perfect for any man.


This wallet is well made and will last for years.  The pictures further above is exactly what the RFID card looks like, my pictures were not good of that.

This has a push button at the bottom and your cards will appear at the top without exposing numbers, just push them down to put them back in place.

You can see from this picture how thin this wallet is before money is in it, the credit cards will not change the side.


Ekster named their company Ekster after the Dutch word for Magpie, a deceptively smart bird with a penchant for collecting and hiding shiny things. In the spirit of the Magpie, they wanted to create classically attractive products with hidden tech to protect important everyday valuables. A flock of Magpies is also known as a ‘Parliament’, which is what they named their flagship wallet model. From that first wallet, all products in their collection have followed this theme. Three short years after a viral launch, they have become the world’s largest smart wallet brand with products now available in 100 stores from Macy’s to Amazon.

Stop by their website and see which one is your favorite.









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  1. This is great, no more lost wallet when it’s time to leave. I love the security, makes me feel safe with our credit cards.

  2. I’ve had my eye on this for some time now. Saw reviews of this and all of them say the same thing, Ekster is worth it. So I think I might get one sooner rather than later. Thanks for this!

  3. This is a beautiful wallet! And I absolutely love that it has a tracker, what an amazing feature! I didn’t even know these things existed. This would definitely make a perfect Father’s Day gift, thank you so much for sharing!

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