Essential Things to Take to Mexico City When Traveling with Your Family

Essential Things to Take to Mexico City When Traveling with Your Family

The list of basic things to take to Mexico City might be a bit longer than you’d expect for a regular family trip. That’s because the place has a very strange climate and you might have trouble finding some of the items you are used to in the local shops. You’ll also have to equip for extra protection as the city is huge and not the safest metropolis.

Essential Things to Take to Mexico City When Traveling with Your Family

Pack Right: Most Important Things to Take to Mexico City


Checking a Mexico City weather forecast might be useless because the locals say you can experience all range of weather changes the climate is capable of within one day. This means that no matter the season for your travel, you should have multiple layers in your bag. A jacket and a comfy sweater for every member of the family are essential. You also should take some kind of raincoats because umbrellas aren’t very easy to fit into the luggage.

The best way to explore the place is on foot by joining some of the free tours in Mexico City. This means that rain protection is a must as this location have a very high rainfall average, with most of it coming in the summer months. February is supposed to be the driest month, but even then you might be caught out in the rain.

The rest of your clothes must include some comfy cotton T-shirts and light pants/skirts for the times when the weather gets scorching. Mexico City isn’t extremely hot, but it’s a huge city with high humidity and even higher level of air pollution. This means that when it’s hot here, the feeling of discomfort will be doubled. Speaking of pollution, consider taking cool masks for your kids and yourselves, just in case.

Overall, Mexico is a rather conservative country when it comes to clothing styles. Wearing something revealing, like a dress with open shoulders, crop tops, or short shorts will get you all the wrong kind of attention. So pack conservative clothes that will effectively cover up the skin. This is especially important for families with teenagers, who like to push the boundaries.

Slashproof bags

Secure bags and perhaps even a travel safe are definitely priorities on the list of things to take to Mexico City. Luckily for you, the fanny pack is back in style this year, and you’ll need one to carry all your valuables. Just be sure that your pack is not only stylish-looking but also slashproof and has extra security measures built-in.

Mexico City is a place where pickpockets and other petty criminals are way too common for comfort, so having your important possessions protected is vital. You also should have a travel safe if you have to leave any expensive items or important documents in the hotel room. The safe might not be provided, and even if it is, it’s best to be doubly-sure you are safe.


Of all things to take to Mexico City medications require special attention because you might not be able to find what you need in the country. That’s why you should consult the CDC packing list for Mexico and stock up on first-aid, prescription meds, and over-the-counter essentials.

You should also carry a few water purification tablets and a water bottle. Never drink tap water in Mexico City unpurified as it’s renowned for harmful contamination.


Sunscreen should be at the top of your list of things to take to Mexico City because it’s vitally important for protecting you from UV radiation. When traveling with your family, stock up on these products well as you’ll need to reapply them every 1-2 hours.

Because of the weather fluctuations, you should have a tube of sunscreen on you at all times, so you can apply a new layer after a short rainfall.

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