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The Eternity Rose Has The Perfect Way To Say I Love You @SMGurusNetwork

The Eternity Rose

Eternity Rose Has The Perfect Way To Say I Love You


We all know how hard it can be to purchase the perfect gift that says “I Love You” that isn’t the same as last year and possible years before this also.  Well The Eternity Rose can help with this.  Their beautiful roses last a lifetime and can be handed down for years to come.  Show your spouse that yes, love does last a lifetime!  A gift from The Eternity Rose is timeless.

Eternity Rose

Their flowers look beautiful displayed.  Not many people can say they have a real rose that will last forever.  The Eternity Rose picks these are the perfect time and can dip them is 14k gold, platinum or silver. They also glaze and gold-trim roses and rose jewelry. All Eternity Rose products will literally last an eternity.

Eternity Rose

The roses come in several colors and each one is beautiful.  I had a choice and I thought the red rose was so beautiful and means “love” so it was perfect for me to give to my husband.  Guys don’t really care about getting flowers as much as us women do but this is so unique that he loves it.  You can buy one of their vases to display this also.  I just think the case makes it look classy and can be used for male or female gifts..

Eternity Rose

Eternity Rose Eternity Rose

As you can see the case this came in looks very nice and is ready for gift giving.  The lock is secure so it does not accidentally open when moving around and taking to someone special.  The inside is velvet lined to make presenting it special for the receiver and keep the rose safely inside.


See how bright the colors are.  This is gorgeous from every angle.



As you can see they really worry about details and it shows.  The Eternity Rose is something I can highly recommend and will make you the top person in the life of the receiver.

The Eternity Rose products would make a great anniversary gift, silver anniversary gift, gift for woman/girlfriend/wife/girl, valentines gift for woman, birthday gift, or Christmas gift.

From The Eternity Rose:

There is nothing a woman loves more than feeling special, and what better way to show her you care than by finding the perfect romantic gift for her?

It can be difficult to choose the best gift for a girl to demonstrate how you truly feel, and to show her the depth of your affections. It can also be hard to think of appropriate gift ideas for women which will not only be appreciated by that special someone, but will also clearly express your intentions. Every lady values the certainty of knowing that the man in her life is serious about her; but even more so, she wants to be able to set the pace of the relationship until she is certain that her partner respects her. Show the lady in your life how much you admire and respect her by finding a present that perfectly captures the essence of romance and genuine sentiments.

There is not a more iconic romantic symbol than the rose. Reflecting true beauty and blossoming love, the single perfect rose bud has been given as a token of admiration throughout history. Hinting at romance still to come, and dreams of a passionate future together, there is no other flower that can so completely embody the nature of true love; and if just one rose bud can speak a thousand words, imagine what a flawless blossom, picked at the height of its bloom and dipped in gold to capture its beauty forever, will say to your loved one. The Eternity Rose range comprises a broad selection of elegant roses, from those dipped in a precious metal like gold, platinum or silver, to a choice of colored blossoms that have been glazed and trimmed with 24 karat gold. Available in 18 gorgeous colors ranging from traditional red and pink to striking purple, brilliant green and vibrant blue, there is certain to be a flower in her favorite hue.

A single rose is a pretty gift, but The Eternity Rose declares that it is so much more. Not only does it represent romance and beauty, but this one flower, encapsulated eternally at its peak of perfection, conveys your true sentiment now, and enduring love in your future together as a couple. What other gift could express as much?

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I received this product to give my honest opinion.




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