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EverDreamerz Tourbus Is A Great Toy For Girls

EverDreamerz Tourbus

EverDreamerz Tourbus Is A Great Toy For Girls

This EverDreamerz Tourbus is so cool.  It has everything you need to take the EverDreamerz from one concert to the next.  In it’s bright pink colors and fashionable designs they will look great riding in this. How fun does that sound?  Take your EverDreamerz Tourbus to far away places to live the dream life.

With their pink tourbus with glitter stars, EverDreamerz friends conquer the Music World. As the name implies, the music world is all about music. The EverDreamerz, and above all Starleen, are fully in their element and drive from performance to performance with their chic tour bus. The rear doors are opened and the mobile stage is unloaded. The stage is standing, now Popsternchen Starleen looks pretty in front of the large mirrors and then it goes on the glitter stage. The show can begin. The playset includes EverDreamerz singing talent Starleen, a tour bus with ramp and stage frame with headlights. Inside the tour bus there are two sleeping places, a clothes rail, a shelf, two mirrors and many other accessories for styling.

Journey into the exciting music world: Playmobil tourbus with mobile stage, EverDreamerz Starleen with changing outfits and much more. For a big appearance. Removable roof/insert, side ramp can be used as a catwalk/stage, hinged rear doors, 2 sleeping places over the boot area, 1 clothes rail and much more.

Toy set for children aged 5 and up: ideal for children’s hands due to age-appropriate size and pleasant feel with rounded edges. Cleaning is easy just run the parts without stickers under the clear water and wipe off. This is a high-quality toy that will get years of play.

Box contents: 1x Playmobil EverDreamerz Tourbus “Music World”, 118-piece toy figure set: 1 bus, 1 figure, 116 accessories, material: plastic

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  1. This EverDreamerz Tourbus is so cool!! I have 11 granddaughters and one great granddaughter who would love to receive this as a gift 🎁 This van has a lot of features for a toy!! This is a high-quality Playmobil toy that will get years of play. It has two beds, ramp, clothes etc. to start rocking the concert 🎶 for your play friends! I had to pin this and share! Thank you for sharing!

  2. This is definitely something that my daughters would love! It is so pretty and pink, and glittery. I know they would play with this for hours. They both have Birthdays next month and this would make a great gift!

  3. Oh how I wish I was a little girl again! This is too cute! My niece’s birthday is coming up. I think she will love this!

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