Every Woman Needs This Handbag Light #handbaglight

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Handbag Light

Every Woman Needs This Handbag Light

Throughout her life the average woman spends 76 days looking for items in her handbag. Stop searching, start finding! The Wasserstein automatic handbag light will light up your handbag or purse WITHOUT pressing any buttons.

The Wasserstein Handbag Light contains intelligent sensors that turn the light on once they detect motion of an approaching hand. The light can be conveniently clipped on the inside of your bag.

Never again will you have to spend many minutes going through your handbag in the dark desperately trying to find your keys, make up or other items that settle on the bottom of a cluttered purse.

The sensor only gets activated when detecting the motion of an approaching hand and stays turned off when in the handbag.

 The light is very light and small weighing only 0.7 ounces with a diameter of 1.8 inches.

Handbag Light

The invention of  this Handbag Light is sheer genius. For decades, women have lost items in their purse. It can be so annoying and frustrating when I am in a hurry and not be able to find something, especially the keys!

This is what it looks like when you receive it.

Handbag Light Handbag Light

This is what the Handbag Light looks like.  The hanger is already attached to the light.

Handbag Light

They protect the battery, so you just need to pull this out.

Handbag Light

This is the clip attached to the back.

Handbag Light

The light is pretty bright.

Handbag Light

It just has a claw hook attaching the hanger to the light.

Handbag Light

By taking it off it is easier to attach to a zipper etc.  Then just clip it back on.

Handbag Light

I hooked it to the zipper on the inside pocket but it kept hanging backwards so…

Handbag Light

I clipped it on to the inside of the short side of the inside of my purse.  It stayed there the way I wanted it to.

Handbag Light

It makes a huge difference, what a great idea!

Handbag Light

This purse is empty right now, but not for long and I think this handbag light will be awesome!  It is small but brighter than I thought it would be.  It is very light and it has a diameter of 1.8 inches.

When you open your bag, this light turns on illuminating the majority of the bag and letting you see perfectly inside. It is so much easier to find the items you need and no more struggling. The light has an auto shut off which is great.

There have been many times I have dug in my purse looking for something and not find it. Later of course when I didn’t want it anymore it becomes suddenly right there. With this purse light I won’t be searching without light. Items are clearer and I can find items quicker then ever!  I really like that it stays off until my hand reaches inside and it activates it.  This would make a perfect gift for any woman you know that carries a purse!

They have some great items on their website.

I received this product to give my honest opinion.

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  1. This is such a cool useful and thoughtful tool for our everyday nighttime and dark time woes when looking for things inside our purse.

  2. Oh, my! Why didn’t I think of this. Shark Tank, another opportunity missed! This looks great and extremely useful!

  3. This would be better than the flashlight I keep in my car, as long as you had your purse you would have it whether you were in your car or not.

  4. I love this idea, although I have a little light something like this I keep in my purse just in case..

  5. Wow, what a great idea, and you’d think someone would have come up with the idea sooner. Thanks for sharing!

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