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Everybody Knows!

This game is for quick thinkers.  Answer as many questions as possible in 60 seconds!  These are not hard questions.  Under normal circumstances you could answer, but what happens under pressure, the time constraint???  Go for 10 answers in 60 seconds, how many can you answer correctly?  Keep score and after 5 rounds add them all up and see who wins, maybe not that know-it-all person we all know LOL.  Everybody Knows is ready for your next party or family game night!

They include a dry erase scoreboard to make it easy to keep score and no wasted paper.  Everybody knows! Think you’re the master of trivia? Used to answering faster than your friends or family? Test yourself under pressure with Everybody Knows, a high-intensity, fast-paced trivia card game that tests who can answer questions accurately and the fastest. Great for individual play against multiple people, or for team game night, this is the perfect, easy-to-play card game that gets everyone involved, having a blast, and testing their knowledge of pop culture, sports, movies, TV, and more!

Product details:

2018 edition

tabletop card game

beginner friendly

required players or teams: 2+

uggested ages: 12+

playing Time: 20 minutes or less

includes all required pieces and instructions

  • Test your knowledge: can you answer common, everyday questions faster than your friends? Test your knowledge with this exciting card-based question and answer game! This game presents a fun and engaging way to play.
  • Fast-paced: designed to test your knowledge of everyday facts under intense pressure, see how many You can get right in 60 seconds. This fun card game for kids and adults comes with 500 playing cards with unique questions, a sand timer, dry erase marker, and scorecard.
  • Multiple scoring styles: you can play in one of two ways. You can play a traditional game with 1 point per right answer, or you can play an “all or Nothing” challenge that truly tests your skills and see who is the best.
  • Fun for everyone: This game doesn’t take long, so it’s perfect for children and youth. Give this game to your kids and see how much fun they have! This great game is made for 2 or more players who are ages 12 years old and up. Boys and girls alike will enjoy this game.
  • Play at parties: bring this game to your next party. The rules are easy to learn and the game is difficult to stop playing, it’s that much fun! Whether you are a child or are older, you’ll enjoy this game. Use some strategy and luck to win!

Everybody knows is at great gift to play with right away!  Bring the house-warming gift with winning on your mind!  Also great for birthday and holiday gift.

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