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Extra-Long My Cot Travel Bed – Travel Solutions From One Step Ahead @OSA_Kids

Extra-Long My Cot Travel Bed – Travel Solutions From One Step Ahead

They made a longer kids’ cot, so you can use it longer! This portable, multi-use cot is 6″ longer than standard children’s cots, which makes it harder to outgrow.  This Extra-Long My Cot Travel Bed is always great when you do not have enough beds.

Ideal travel bed for Grandma’s, daycare, and sleepovers; great for the beach and watching sports. Keeps kids comfortable, dry, and up off the ground, indoor and outside.

Carry bag and fitted sheet included. The sturdy steel frame folds quickly and compactly. 54″L x 28″W x 11″H. Folded: 29″L x 6 3/4W x 8 1/2″H. For ages 2 and up, to 75 lbs. Imported.

Very light and portable and will set up in seconds in any room next to my bed.  We travel with the grandkids all the time and usually all 3 of them take over 1 bed.  Once in a while we have an issue where someone is getting crowded or getting upset and this cot is perfect.

I wish I had this when Desiree was younger, I cannot tell you how many times she crawled in bed with us.  With this she could have been right next to me and would not have wanted in our bed.

Cot Travel Bed

Everything comes in this nice shiny bag.

Cot Travel Bed

I slid this out of the bag so you could see what it looks like.  It does fold up exactly like this also.  Super easy set up and take down.  Everything is all together, nothing to assembly, just put the sheet on.

Cot Travel Bed

It is low to the ground so no worries if you have a toddler that moves a lot, they will not go far.  With the extra length you can use it until they are older!

Cot Travel Bed

This is just to show you that everything is put together really well.

Cot Travel Bed

The sheet comes with it, you can also buy additional sheets.  Kids can sleep on this up to 75 pounds and recommended for 5 years and under, but I truly believe my granddaughters could use this because they are way less than 75 pounds and the cot is really long!

Cot Travel Bed



You could throw a child’s sleeping bag on here and they are ready for bed in just minutes.

They set up in less than 60 seconds – no kidding and even come with a washable fitted sheet. This is high quality for the money.  This really is perfect for grandparents and parents!

Cot Travel Bed

One Step Ahead has lots of solutions for travel, organization, and more.  Take a minute to look around their site and see what they offer.

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I received this product to give my honest opinion!

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  1. I need three of these cots! The grands like to camp out on the porch and this would be perfect. Thank you.

  2. My granddaughter has a similar cot. It has been invaluable! Kids can be hard to sleep with and having this cot would keep you asleep as the child sleeps on the cot. Excellent piece of equipment to have!

  3. The Extra Long My Cot Travel Bed looks like a vacation in a bag. I like that it comes with the sheet and that you can buy extra sheets if desired.

  4. i love this, we would use it all the time, for sleepovers! ialways feel bad when peoples kids sleep on the floor

  5. This is great, not only for the beach but for camping and so many other times. Thank you so much for sharing this. I love it

  6. Would love this! Not just for what was mentioned but also for camping and for nights that my little one wants to sleep in my room, he could still be in his own area kind of!

  7. this would be so very useful i love your review thanks for sharing this could go so many place and easy yo set up and use love that is is compact and you can carry it with you..

  8. Love this! What a great idea to use it on the beach. This looks like such a high quality extra bed for the kids. I love that you can just throw a sleeping bag on it for camping, too!

  9. This would be wonderful to have now for my grandchildren, They are always sleeping over and runny out of bed space, So having this would be nice and I like how this one has extra safety underneath the bedding.

  10. These are so nice. I love how easy they are to put up and take down. These would be great for camping. Thank you for sharing

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