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Far Out Squaire New Addictive Games @FarOutToysInc

Far Out Squaire

Far Out Squaire

The Latest Innovative Product From Far Out Toys Uses Science to Challenge Kids to Control a Floating Cube in the Air. Always on the edge of innovation, Far Out Toys announced the launch of their newest breakthrough product, Far Out Squaire. Far Out Squaire offers fun in the way that today’s generation likes to play by allowing them to master, create and innovate while challenging their friends and sharing their successes online. Created for the YouTube generation, Far Out Squaire is a fun, interactive and addictive mastery game that tests skills at controlling a floating cube with a specially designed fan to keep the Squaire in the air!  

The fun evolves as players invent and create signature moves and compete in challenges. In addition, performers can create team-based challenges like passing the cube between players! Players are encouraged to upload their challenges online and find new ones, too! The possibilities are endless with Far Out Squaire! Everyone can learn different tricks on YouTube or the Far Out Squaire website. Far Out Squaire is available on Amazon for $14.99 and is for ages eight and over.

Far Out Squaire

“Not only is Far Out Squaire fun for all ages, there is genuine science behind it,” said Keith Meggs, Chief Executive Officer. “The square floats on a cushion of air so it is easy to learn to manipulate but difficult to master making it fun to create your own moves and challenge friends and family.”

Far Out Squaire

Even before the product launched it was featured on “Live! With Kelly and Ryan” along with national news outlets including Fox and ABC

Far Out Toys are also the makers of the Head Splat and Splat Out I reviewed here.

Far Out Toys Inc. is a new and rapidly growing force in the global toy marketplace, with a mission to innovate to the outer reaches. Far Out Toys leverages its expertise and extensive relationships with inventors, global distributors, IP holders and mass retailers to launch an exciting line-up of new brands including vehicles, arts & crafts, games, licensed collectibles, electronic toys and more, along with new original content. For more information, visit www.farouttoysinc.com.

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  1. This is definitely a FAR OUT Toy!! This sounds too challenging for me. I couldn’t even figure out the Rubik’s cube! But I would give it a try with the family. They are pretty good at figuring games out. I pinned this. Thank you for sharing!

  2. This looks like such a fun and challenging game! I would definitely love to try it, I don’t think I have ever seen anything like it before. Thanks for sharing!

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