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Feltman Brothers Two Button Open Knit Cardigan @feltmanbros

Feltman Brothers - Two Button Open Knit Cardigan For Little Ones

Feltman Brothers – Two Button Open Knit Cardigan For Little Ones

We get cold in the cooler weather and so do the babies!  This beautiful Two Button Open Knit Cardigan from Feltman Brothers will keep them warm but not overheated.  I wish they had this in my size!

This is not thick so the kids will not feel constricted and not like they are overloaded with clothing.  Feltman Brothers doesn’t want our little streakers pulling off this sweater, and possible more, to cool down, they want them comfortable.  This is exactly what you will find in this soft and comfy cardigan.

Feltman - Two Button Open Knit Cardigan 3T

I love how adorable this sweater is with just 2 buttons to make it simple to for Mom/Dad to put on, for the ages when they never want to stop moving!  They look great matched up with Feltman Brothers headbands.

This knit cardigan features ribbed knitting on the yoke along with two small buttons before opening down the remainder of the piece. Perfect for those nippy weather days of autumn and spring – she’ll be kept warm while looking as classy as ever!

Feltman - Two Button Open Knit Cardigan 3T

This comes in pink and white which both look great styled with a dress or jeans, this really is a versatile style accessory along with using for being cold.  Let your baby be the best dressed around.  Comes in sizes 3 months to 4T.

This is extremely well made and you can tell by how well each stitch is.  This is something you can use for hand-me-downs for your next child, or someone else’s child.

Feltman Brothers carry great items for babies to toddler and I think you will love each one of them.  Let your child be perfectly dressed all while staying warm and looking good!

Feltman Brothers

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