FILLO’S Gives Us Great Side Dishes


FILLO’S Gives Us Great Side Dishes

If you are like we are, we have a few side dishes we use on every meal. That gets boring. FILLO’S can help us add a variety of dishes and tastes for everyone in the family. FILLO’S does beans, but they do them in different and unique ways that you will love.

Try this FILLO’S Carolina’s Peas & Rice dish. If you are from the Carolinas you will appreciate the hometown taste, if not you really need to try this.

Also known as Hoppin’ John, these Lowcountry black-eye peas and rice have a little kick from the cayenne, and plenty of flavor from celery and thyme.

Non-GMO Project Verified, Shelf-stable, ready to eat, vegan friendly, plant protein, made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

They used their Puerto Rican sofrito recipe to season these gandules—also known as pigeon peas—and added rice for a quick meal. Rich and filling.

Congri is a Cuban staple—not just rice and beans, but rice cooked with beans and sofrito, in extra virgin olive oil. Their preparation is as traditional as it gets. Heat, grab and spoon and dive in.

Based on their popular Peruvian lentil recipe, they’ve added plenty of quinoa for a satisfying meal on the go. Perfect over salad or as a light side too.

Peruvian Lentils are also seasoned with red sofrito and extra virgin olive oil, but with a notable cilantro kick that sets them apart. Try these over rice or salad with a squeeze of lime.

It all began with the Cuban Black Beans. These are the beans they grew up with—an authentic preparation that balances extra virgin olive oil, onion, cumin, garlic and green bell pepper.

Seasoned with a red sofrito of tomato and red bell pepper in extra virgin olive oil, the Panamanian Garbanzos have a slightly sweeter profile and an unmatched tenderness.

Puerto Rican Pink Beans are a faithful homage to the cilantro-laced sofrito beans found all over the island. They have terrific color and aroma, and work well next to fish and chicken.

Mexican Mayocobas are seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, ancho and epazote, lending a piquant richness to these traditional creamy white beans—great next to tacos.

Fresh jalapeño and chili powder give our Tex-Mex Pintos a little heat and a whole lot of complexity. These are a must for your next back yard barbecue.

Use: Before. During. After. On fruit. On vegetables. On meat. On seafood. In oil. In sauces. In marinades. In cocktails.

From the company:

Every family meal we enjoyed as kids had a bowl of beans seasoned with sofrito— vegetables, spices, and herbs cooked in olive oil. Our dad, nicknamed FILLO, taught us that sofrito beans were a part of his own childhood in Cuba, and that while humble in origin, they’re packed with flavor and nutrients.
The problem is, scratch-cooking them takes time—something neither my brother and I had much of as we began families of our own. We realized there must be millions just like us, who long for a taste of home but need convenience.
We went to work in our kitchens, and later a partner plant, and soon had clean-label, shelf-stable sofrito beans full of sabor. We turned our efforts to other traditional dishes, and today offer a line of ready-to-eat meals seasoned with sofrito.

FILLO'S Americas Made


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  1. All of these flavors sound delicious! I love the wide variety. I have never heard of this brand but I’m going to see if they have it the next time I go shopping.

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