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Finally The Perfect Charging Cable!

What make this the perfect charging cable, well let me tell you how useful this Perfect Charging Cable by Nomad is! This plug into all the usb outlets but the big difference is the other end.  It has 3 different ends.  It has the end of the iPhones, the regular micro, and one that works on my Samsung S8.  Everyone can charge their phone superfast with this cable.

Perfect Charging Cable

The cord itself it really strong and is made from 1000D nylon, 2X durable PVC Jacket  so it should last a long time.  The cable is also tear and abrasion resistant.  The inside is made from Kevlar.  It feels strong so my kids will not ruin it.  It has a 20AWG for fast charging but I have not tested this.  I hooked it up to my computer so I can charge my phone and camera batteries at the same time.  Plus this is 5 feet long so you can use this in the car for the backseat or lots of other places.

Perfect Charging Cable Perfect Charging Cable

The perfect charging cable means different things to different people but I think Nomad has all of us covered.  The one cable that has it all, this MFi certified Universal cable is made with braided ballistic 1000D Nylon for maximum quality and durability that prevents your cable from rips and tears and is lab tested; proven to withstand over 10,000 flexions. The durable PVC jacket adds extra durability without interfering with its ability to flex. The cable enables you to charge all USB powered devices from iPhones to Android smartphones with its integrated multi-tip charging adapter. Designed to withstand everyday wear, live your everyday lifestyle the way you want!

Perfect Charging Cable

This cable has a 5 year guarantee, now that is impressive!  If you need a cord why not get one you won’t have to worry about for a minimum the next 5 years!  Nomad give us peace of mind to know we are purchasing things for our electronics that will last longer than most electronics, but are still useful with all the different tips.

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I received this product to give my honest opinion.


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  1. I’ve been looking at this company for awhile now. Its so frustrating that the cables that come with phones are not durable; ESPECIALLY iPhone cables, which are particularly vulnerable at the end that goes into the phone. It always frays.

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