Find The Photos You Need On Pixlr

Find The Photos You Need On Pixlr

Finding the perfect photos for different places and pamphlets can be difficult.  To make that easier I have found Pixlr. Buying pictures can get expensive.  So why not use a free program for all the pictures you need. That free software is Pixlr, the world’s popular, web-based, free photo-editing suite, and all you need is an internet connection!

With Pixlr, there’s never any software to buy — or even to download! Just log into the website, pick the easy-to-use Pixlr X or the more sophisticated Pixlr E, or even switch between the two on the same file and start playing!

Since its 2008 debut, billions of images have been created and modified on this program, and now, new AI-powered improvements in tools (one-click background removal, for example) have been combined with new templates, fonts and effects. Along with bloggers, homeschoolers and kids can all benefit from exploring and expressing ideas creatively while learning how design affects every aspect of our lives.

They officially announced the release of Pixlr 2021, a robust, new version of the world’s web-based free photo editing suite which is used by everyone, ranging from teachers and students to professional photographers, designers and publishers. The varied AI-powered improvements allow for sleeker edits with hot, new templates and collages; premium designer fonts; drop-dead gorgeous effects; and new Frame tool and Glitch Studio. Throughout it all, Pixlr’s end goal remains the same: putting extraordinary design and creative freedom into the hands of everyone.

Pixlr flattens the designer learning curve, giving anyone the tools to manipulate photos just like the pros. Since its debut in 2008, billions of images have been created and edited on the freemium platform. No long video tutorials are needed and there is no expensive software to download as everything you need resides in the cloud. Foreseeing the coming death of Flash, Pixlr was revamped and relaunched in 2020 in HTML5.

Its two free editors — Pixlr X and Pixlr E — boast tools driven by AI which turn formerly painstaking work into push-button fun. A massive, online image library, Stock by Pixlr, is also free (with additional content available for small, monthly subscriptions ranging from $4.90 to $14.99), empowering everyone to create eye-catching photos, graphic images and even memes. Pixlr gives you the freedom to take any visual from ho-hum to oh wow!

Pixlr X and Pixlr E are integrated with AI-powered editing tools to help users modify their images easily with effects from cutouts to crops and auto-exposure, enhancing the photo editing and design experience. Among its many innovative tools in the editing suite is the proprietary AI background remover tool which intelligently cuts out backgrounds in one click, enabling users to replace backgrounds in seconds.

Rounding out the improvements for 2021 are a refreshed user interface, making it easier and more intuitive than ever to edit photographs, graphics and other images. Pixlr’s artificial intelligence has been combined with one-click tools to make work smarter, faster and easier, while also being leveraged to result in even more precise background removal.

A new overall layout offers quicker access to projects and an increased amount of templates, fills, patterns, filters and professionally created fonts — as well as the introduction of the fun, new Glitch Studio. Power users can now export Pixlr E projects as templates, with all resources in a single file, and everyone will benefit from added keyboard commands for precision and drag-and-drop controls for ease of use.

“While we are a free cloud-based photo editing software, we still wanted to give our customers not only changes they’ve requested but also improvements they hadn’t even imagined,” said Ola Sevanderrson, Pixlr’s founder. “Other comparable suites would keep these new, powerful tools and user-friendly adjustments as part of expensive subscription packages but we at Pixlr remain committed to our promise to bring the ability to create professional-looking visuals to everyone.”

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  1. This looks very cool! I’ve never heard of this before but I’m checking it out! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What an amazing photo editing program! I really like that they make it so easy for everyone to use. I have never been very good at these kinds of programs.

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