Finders Seekers For The Real Treasure Hunters @findseekcrate

Finders Seekers For The Real Treasure Hunters

Trapped in the dreary corporate world of healthcare finance, the 3 creators, desperately needed a creative outlet. Searching to fill the void with mystery box subscriptions, they realized they could do it better, and Finders Seekers was born.

Uniting others consumed by wanderlust and a thirst for adventure, Finders Seekers provides an exhilarating escape from the mundane that will put your detective work to the test.Finders Seekers

I love watching ID TV and if you know what I am talking about then this is something you might enjoy.  This is the package I received so I knew I had to take some time completing the assignment.  The letter perks the intrigue and also shows you the difficulty level from 1 – 5, this kit is 4 1/2 so pretty difficult.  The letter also says that it should take 2 – 4 hours to complete.  The letter includes a special website for additional instructions and recommends following the Finders Seekers User Group on Facebook for tips, trick, but what out for spoilers.

I really love this subscription box.  They give you lots of places to look for clues without leaving the house.  They have everything you need inside the box and it is not something you will be done with in a few minutes.  For me it took me an extra-long time since my brain does not work like it use to, so it took me almost 5 hours with lots of google searches!  But I was finally able to get there and enjoyed the challenge.

Puzzles make us use different parts of our brain that we may not use all the time, Finders Seekers woke up my whole brain and made me feel like I accomplished something.  If you enjoy a challenge and puzzles you can receive a new one each month, check out this month’s box on Finders Seekers.

Ready to try, check out Finders Seekers today!





I received this to give my honest opinion.


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