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FitVille Shoes Fit Perfectly

FitVille Shoes

FitVille Shoes Fit Perfectly

FitVille Shoes fit my husband like no other shoe does.  They have extra room in the toes so my husband can use these.  FitVille Shoes also have extra cushion to make them really comfortable to wear even all day. They come is wide widths that a lot of men need. My husband has a hard time finding the right shoes and he absolutely loves these shoes. These shoes provide Wide/2E and Extra Wide/4E in width from size 4.5 to size 15. For Wide/2E. These are their Men’s Walking Shoes.

If you look inside the shoes you can see the padding. These shoes are really nice and hubby cannot say enough good things about them. They also have great arch support, which makes them a great walking shoe. Consisting of three mesh layers, Fitville sneakers can effectively adjust the temperature and relieve foot fatigue to ensure your feet stay dry and comfortable all day.

They are not only comfortable they look sharp. They come in blue, black, gray, white, and army green.  As you can see the bottom helps keep you from slipping. The extra room is the toes is something most men need. These wide toe box shoes can provide your feet the full freedom of movement they deserve. In return, your thankful feet will repay you with less pain and discomfort. The rubber soles featuring high elasticity and slip-resistant texture, allow you to maintain a grip on any surface thus ensure your safer walk.

If you have a high arch, a high-instep shoe can provide the room you need to avoid friction, scaling and even polyneuropathy. Shock Absorbing Pad to Help Alleviate Heel Pain. Maximize cushioning, to walk further distances without stress.

Heel Ring to reduce overpronation & prevent spraining. Adjust overpronation, to alleviate overall discomfort.  These sneakers feature a front and rear end sole made with two different density materials, ensuring both elasticity and cushioning. The differing densities allow you to move comfortably, perfect for walking distances or your normal daily activities.

Get the most comfortable shoes you will ever own!



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  1. Finding a pair of shoes with wide enough toe box is very important. Fitville Shoes may be the answer for my son! Thanks for the review!

  2. I’ve never heard of this brand; but after reading about it and seeing that they make women’s shoes as well, I will look for these. It’s hard to find shoes that work for me since I have lymphedema and a botched foot surgery.

  3. I have never heard of this brand before but these shoes sound awesome! My son has really wide feet and I always have a hard time finding him shoes that fit comfortably. Thanks for sharing!

  4. My son has started walking regularly and he’s been wanting to get a new pair of shoes. These would be ideal for him!

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