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Flint Sews Knows Sewing Machines

Finding the perfect sewing machine can be a challenge. Flint Sews help you decide the features you need and even has tutorials on how to use the machines. This Zest from Flint Sews is a very nice machine for Desiree to learn how to sew and to grow into a really great seamstress. This machine has all the right features that anyone can use plus it is really easy to use. It also has a handle to easy transporting it anyplace you want it. It only weighs 13 pounds so it is easy to move while still being a durable machine.

It has been years since I sewed anything so I am having a friend help me out if needed. You can teach yourself on this Babylock Zest sewing machine and learn to love sewing. You can also find a new and exciting ways to make great crafts you never believed was possible before this machine.

But I love that right on their site online learning which is how the kids learn now anyways.  Videos that show you everything you need. This is an easy way to learn and do it at your own pace.

This has 15 built-in stitches, with adjustable stitch length, that includes a 1 four-step buttonhole.  Add your unique touch to every project with a library of stitches that sets everything apart!

Want to hem pants, work on a sleeve or sew in a hard-to-reach area? No problem. Just easily remove the flatbed and use Zest’s free arm. The high-capacity bobbin holds plenty of thread, making sure you don’t run out in the middle of a project.

Adjust your stitches from 0mm-4mm long for your own unique designs. Talk about easier than I ever has it, we had 1 or 2 different stitches. This also has the front-loading bobbin and a free-arm sewing.

Zest’s portable design makes it the perfect travel machine or the ideal choice for classes and clubs! Just grab it by the handle and go!

Where the arm comes off for sewing, is storage for things you need and want to carry with you. This Zest from Flint Sews includes the presser foot pedal, 4 snap-on feet, blind hem, sliding buttonhole, zig-zag, and zipper. Also including a darning plate, 3 bobbins, needle package, and a seam ripper.

At Flint Sews you can get all your service work done on most sewing machines. This is a one-stop website for all your learning, buying, and repairing needs.


Babylock Zest Sewing Machine

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