Flood Light Bulb That Lights Up The Driveway

Flood Light Bulb

Flood Light Bulb That Lights Up The Garage

If you own a home you feel safer having flood lights around the home. This SGLEDS 30W  flood light was used to light up our garage for my husband.  We never had the best lighting in there and this lights it up to see everyplace. This will work in anyplace the lighting is not sufficient. Light up the dark places around your home, basement, garage, or shed.

This 30W can perfectly replace a 200W incandescent bulb, can produce up to an incredible 4000 lumens output. With a 120-degree beam angle, this light bulb can illuminate a larger area and even the darkest corners! This will work perfect in your garage or dark basement.  The price is super reasonable and even has a special discount lower in this post.

This 4000lm daylight LED flood light bulb uses new ceramic heat sink technology and a unique hollow design. These highly improve heat dissipation efficiency and ensures an excellent lighting performance. Ideal for any place where bright light is needed, such as the garages, warehouses, basements, workshops, studios, etc. I may get another one for my shed to brighten that up when I store something in there.

This super bright daylight LED bulb size is 4.33*5.07 inches, which is much bigger than a standard incandescent bulb, please choose for the right fixture. No lead or mercury, No UV or IR, No flickering and No buzzing. This is a non-dimmable LED bulb covered with a 5-year warranty, feel free to email them with any quality issues.

LED chips are mounted directly to ceramic making each chip PC board and adhesive free. Aluminum requires a bigger bulb base than the BR30 and produces fewer lumens per watt.

Brighten your home without costing you a fortune in the bulbs and with lower wattage this will be soooo worth it!

20% off with code SGBR30BULBS

This code can be used both for 30W and 40W LED bulb.

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  1. I have to show my husband this! It will literally light up our lives! I love that this bulb is on instantly. Plus it’s green, Eco-friendly, & has NO mercury in it! Safety first!!
    My husband will like the long lifespan & it’s super bright output, that can even light up the dark corners. We both like warranties! A
    5-year warranty will work! So will a lower electric bill 👍👍 I had to share! Thank you for sharing this!!

  2. What greatWhat great new technology. These sound awesome and I appreciate the discount. We could use a couple of these at our house. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. If the darkness is a problem, I am sure these would be a great solution! Thanks for sharing!

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