Four fun tours

Four fun tours

Four Fun and Interesting Tours that you Should do in London:

If you are planning to go to the London a city full of culture and history, we have got the right activities for you to engage in while there. These four tours are opportunities you do not want to miss, jam packed with fun, and some will definitely keep you your toes.

London Dungeon Tour:

The London Dungeons have been around since 1974, this gory and scary exhibition takes you on time machine back to the dark ages of British history. 

This experience allows you to go back 1000 years in British history, covering the dark and horrific from the devastating great plague (black death) to the unidentified gruesome serial killer Jack the ripper.

You will be able to experience actors play out roles of dreadful fictional characters such as Sweeney Todd, known as the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

This tour includes interactive attractions, detailed and intricate staging and engaging performances, making you feel like you were back in those times.

This is a tour you will not want to miss especially when you are in London, a ride of multiple emotions but definitely worth every single penny.

Harry Potter Tour of Warner Bros. Studio in London:

Harry Potter being a widely loved fictional character, this is your chance to experience the world of Harry Potter a feel as if you are apart of the magical story. You will come upon the original sets, costumes and props which were used in the filming of the Harry Potter movies. Walking the same steps that Harry Potter did through Hogwarts and even get a ride on the famous Hogwarts Express steam train.

There are many engaging activities to do during this tour, you will be able to ride a broomstick and experience the magic of being a student at Hogwarts.

You will be able to visit all the memorable and breath-taking sets, learn about the creation of Harry Potter and how it ended up hitting the big screens. You will even be able to gain access to special behind the scenes clips from the movies and find the never seen before treasure.

This highly rated tour is a great chance to create fun memories. A definite number one destination for all hardcore Harry Potter fans, do not miss you chance to visit.

Tower of London Beefeater Tour:

This tour allows you to look at the British history, discover more about specific and special objects that held at high esteem in British history and why.

In this tour you will not only be looking at one thing but multiple things. What you will experience during this tour are the White Tower, the Crown Jewels, Royal beasts, coins and much more.

You will also be able to discover history not only through objects and architecture but also through conversing with Yeomen Wardens who guard the Tower of London. Hear stories passed down through generations, history only some people know.

Be entranced with the ancient stones that hold deep history, view the beautiful and fabulous collection of royal jewels that have been acquired throughout history and hold significance to the Royal family and much more.

This tour is great and definitely worth engaging in especially if you are interested in History or the Royal Family.

The Jack the Ripper Tour:

Jack the Ripper, the famous unknown serial killer from the 1800s. He was known for the terror he brought to the streets of London, known to of killed five different women but there could have been many more.

This is a one of kind experience, learn all about this mysterious man and his victims Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Mary Jane Kelly, Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes, while experiencing the spine chilling effects of this man’s actions. You will visit Whitechapel where these events actually took place, every footstep taken on the street has its own story.

This engrossing and dramatic tour is great for Jack the Ripper enthusiasts and individuals who don’t mind a bit of gruesome history.

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  1. Informative review. If I ever go to London, and I do hope to some day, I will consider these options. Thank you.

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