Friendlys Awesome Coffee For My Lunch Treat

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Friendlys Awesome Coffee

Friendlys Awesome Coffee For My Lunch Treat

Friendly’s Variety Pack gives you all the variety anyone needs.  You know Friendly”s has the best ice cream, now you can have that flavor anytime of the day.  I love that these are zero calories so I don’t have to worry about my diet.

If you are like me and love any kind of ice cream then you will love all the flavors.  Just a few are Black Cherry Chocolate Chunk, Mint Chocolate Chip, Butterscotch, Butter Crunch, Vienna Mocha Chunk, Chocolate Marshmallow Swirl, Caramel Swirl, and Cookies ‘n Cream.  Now those sound good!  They include such a wide variety and it is always fresh!

I let my daughter try them again and she drank 3 different flavors and absolutely loved them, now she is visiting more just for the coffee lol.   This coffee helps me stay away from a sweet breakfast, so I start my day on the right track!  Since a most of these are chocolate in the name, they are great for an afternoon treat.  Sit down with something healthy and indulge with this great coffee.

I have to remember these are coffee so I don’t drink too many with the caffeine. The variety pack is like having a bunch of ice cream in the freezer every day!  Find your favorite and order just that one, or if you can’t make up your mind, get another variety pack! Can you image all the varieties of desserts go with ice cream, now you have it ready in about a minute.

Since 1935, families and friends have gathered at Friendly’s to create sweet memories over a few scoops of our delicious ice cream. Now you can enjoy the taste of our incredible homemade ice cream in your favorite coffee mug. Brew up a cup or two and savor the sweetness with someone special.




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  1. Oh My! All I see is that Buttercrunch Flavor! I’m in! That is my absolute favorite flavor of icecream! I want to try this flavor FIRST as iced coffee!

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