Funsparks Easy Disk Soft Catch Flying Frisbee Disc Game

Funsparks Easy Disk

Funsparks Easy Disk Soft Catch Flying Frisbee Disc Game

Play with this Easy Disk which is an ultimate Frisbee at the park, beach, backyard or virtually anywhere outdoors and even indoors! Buy this bright lightweight handheld toy as a present for someone or gift yourself and be prepared to have an amazing time. Toss this around and build up a sweat or play casually, works for a beginner player or a pro.

This beach Frisbee will improve hand-eye coordination and a healthy lifestyle especially for young kids! Don’t show up to the BBQ, birthday or camping trip with all your friends waiting empty handed, get an Easy Disk and find yourself outside exercising and enjoying life away from the stresses of technology. Hone your skill and improve your focus and athleticism with this ultimate flying ring of fun!

Funsparks Easy Disk

  1. Don’t hurt your fingers or hand again tossing this soft Frisbee with family and friends; pain-free
  2. Able to throw this over 120 ft like standard regulation plastic Frisbees
  3. Extremely durable and virtually indestructible, tested and confirmed over and over from people playing catch with their dog
  4. Play anywhere with this saucer as it won’t dent or break objects upon collision because of its light exterior cushion
  5. Easy Disk floats on water so don’t think twice about throwing it around at the beach

Funsparks Easy Disk


  • A soft Disc for kids to start playing Frisbee, it is safe for PE classes and is one of the toys to use when it is windy.
  • This disk is the outdoor or indoor toy that doesn’t hurt your fingers or hand. It’s safe; it doesn’t dent cars.
  • The surrounding ring is very durable and designed to hold up under intense play and it floats.
  • Fun for the whole family and can be worked as a training disc to exercise your child’s flexibility and agility.
  • The diameter is 8.5 inches and 117 g light weight. We will always replace it if one should be faulty.

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  1. This concept of a soft disc is amazing, and oh wow, I want to try it! And it would be a fun stocking stuffer, too!

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