Game Day Clear Collection

Game Day Clear Collection

Game Day Clear Collection

I love purses and having a variety.  When I seen this Game Day Clear Collection I just had to have it.  It is adorable and made very well.  It is clear and unique which I love!

No one likes waiting in long lines and sporting events are notorious for them, especially when thousands of fans are moving at a snail’s pace to enter a stadium before a game.
There’s a good reason for that  — heightened security, which includes stadium officials checking the insides of purses and backpacks. While that’s a comfort for fans, the human logjam can also create quite an inconvenience. For Deni Sciano, an avid sports fan stuck in line for hours when a playoff game started, it created an opportunity to speed up the security process— as well as a stylish new way for women to show support for their favorite teams.
Sciano’s clear handbags, called the Game Day Clear Collection (www.scoregamedaybag.com), are her solution. These sporty purses of passion and fashion meet stadium security requirements for NFL, NCAA, and high school stadiums, allow for a much quicker security look, and are available in all major and college team colors.
Moniqua Clear Satchel - Racing Red and White
Key features of the Game Day Clear Collection handbags are:
* Machine-stitched seams — not heat-sealed — for strength and durability.
* A sturdy, 45-inch cross-body chain and D-Rings on either side for dangles and keys.
* The bags are garnished with rhinestones and featuring Sciano’s signature style that blends polka dots with team colors.
* A matching, slim interior-privacy pouch for sunglasses and credit cards, along with the convenience of a clear event-ticket pocket for quick scanning at the event.
* Quality metal hardware on every bag, which is built to last by being crafted with the thickest polyurethane.
Moniqua Clear Satchel - Racing Red and White

Realizing that clear doesn’t need to equal plain and ordinary, SCORE! is reinventing a modern approach to purses of passion. Every bag is designed by us with a focus on quality and fashion, meeting the evolving tastes, needs and lifestyles of the American woman. As a certified, women-owned enterprise based in San Antonio, Texas, we embrace the passion and love women have for their favorite teams, schools and organizations as well as, their need to express them with stylish accessories.

Exquisite Craftsmanship – Machine Stitched – for strength & durability.
Detailing – Quality metal hardware used on every bag.
Made To Last – Crafted with the thickest polyurethane.
Matched To Your Team Colors – Available in 42 matched team colors.

I wanted to show you some additional styles that are adorable.  This one is the Chrissy Small Clear Game Day Handbag. This one is forest green and white but there are a ton of colors to choose from.  It is a small bag at 7″W x 5 .5″H x 2″D.  That makes it under the required size.

Talk about seeing through this one easy and you can have all your necessities inside.  It is made from the thickest, most durable clear polyurethane so it will last for years.  Stylish shoulder bag with a sturdy cross body chain that measures 45 inches comes with the secure SCORE! rhinestone magnetic closure.  Attached matching, slim, interior privacy pouch for money, credit cards and I.D. This purse even has a clear, scan able interior event ticket pocket so you don’t have to mess with your ticket when walking in.

This bag is really cute and Desiree chose it before I could get it out of the box.  It is small for items you need to carry like money or credit cards can be hidden in the pouch inside.  Very nice small bag. This has a chain as it strap and it is small enough to be comfortable while large enough to be security without the extra weight, I love the strap.

The is the Eva Classic Clutch that again comes in lots of colors. Matter of a fact 2 pages worth of colors so everyone can find their favorite color. This clutch bag is 6.5″W x 4.5″H x 3″D that is made with soft Vegan Leather 100% PU exterior.  This also is secured by large rhinestone magnetic closure.

Detachable attractive shoulder chain creates a cross-body or shoulder bag lets you decide how to carry this bag.  Interior lining is 100% washable polyester, we all spill something in our purse sooner or later.  Weather proof, water resistant and spill proof exterior-cleans easily so we can keep this bag looking great all the time.

This bag would go great with a nice dress because it is the right size for things you need while still being hidden.  This is a very nice classy bag.

The last one is the Sarah Jean Clear Bucket Handbag which again comes in 37 colors.  This blue color comes in yellow gold, metallic gold, or white as above.  This bag is 8.5″W x 9.5″H x 6″D and also comes in a larger size which are not clear. It has an attractive, durable drawstring with stylish metal cinch closure to keep everything safe inside. Also has a top strap snapping closure to prevent spillage. Attached matching, slim, interior privacy pouch measuring 6”L x 4.5”H helps you keep things like credit cards securely. Weather proof, water proof and spill proof-cleans up easily.

This bag is the biggest of all of the bags.  Great for travel and carrying everything you might need in the car or at the park.  The clear bag is made very strong and your items won’t get wet in the rain.  It is easy to get through security and you still have everything you need in this easy to carry bag.

Stop by to see all they offer.





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  1. What a cool concept, I can definitely see how these would make getting though sporting event (or any event, really) lines a lot easier. And they are really cute!

  2. Those clear handbags are so pretty! I love the polka dot design on them. I especially like the Sarah Jean Clear Bucket Handbag.

  3. Those clear handbags are so pretty! I love the polka dot design on them. I especially like the Sarah Jean Clear Bucket Handbag.

  4. This is such a cute idea for game day or wherever else you go that requires clear bags. Great gift idea. Thank you so much for sharing this

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