1. I like to grow my strawberries . They get runners for next year too so it adds more strawberries for us.

  2. My favorite plant to grow is tomatoes. I like gardening all types of veggies though. And flowers! 🙂

  3. Start a compost pile. Use coffee grounds, egg shells, vegetable and fruits peels for composting. Will give you good dirt . Le the night crawlers in your dirt. They help it.

  4. When growing tomatoes , make sure to pinch off the suckers. The leaf sprout between the main stem. It sucks off the strength of the main stem of the plant

  5. My favorite plant to grow is tomatoes. Their great in salads , on sandwiches and great for salsa makings.

  6. Simple and easy ,strong coffee with a bit of sweet & low and a little bit of milk or cream -thats it – thats mine

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