Gas Cans Are Not Created Equal: Check Out This Scepter Gas Can

Gas Cans Are Not Created Equal: Check Out This Scepter Gas Can

I know you think I just lost it when I say Scepter’s SmartControl™ gas can is the best gas can, but it really is impressive for something everyone uses at one time or another.  They improved the mouse trap over the years and now is the time for an upgrade of your gas can.

Why is the SmartControl gas can so special?  The spout!  Yeah it’s all in the spout! Wouldn’t it be nice to pour from a gas can and not get it, at minimum, on your shoes? You can!  The spout provides a clean, fast, and hassle-free pour.

Looks a lot different doesn’t it? Scepter™ has introduced a new, easy-to-use fuel can system. Crafted with a unique push spout, the rugged SmartControl™ containers are designed for fast fills without spills.  The innovative spout design of the SmartControl™ system makes it easier than ever to fuel equipment. Whether filling the lawn mower, pressure washer or portable generator, the SmartControl system makes fueling easier, faster and cleaner.

Available in one-, two- and five-gallon sizes, the SmartControl™ line includes rugged, easy-to-use containers for gasoline, diesel and kerosene. Constructed of durable high-density polyethylene, all containers are North American made and designed to perform, regardless of the conditions.

From cutting the lawn to blowing snow to navigating emergency weather events, the SmartControl™ containers provide you with peace of mind and ease of use when handling, transporting and storing fuel.

Just imagine the SmartControl™ under the tree this holiday season! Whoever’s in charge of leaf blowing, lawn mowing and removal of snow will surely appreciate this new gas container.

Now I know you want one don’t you?  Head over and learn more or find out where to get yours.




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  1. I have never put much thought into a gas can. I never realized they can be different. The spout looks awesome. I think my husband might find one under the tree this year.

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