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Gel Esscents

Gel Esscents are scented gel melts that are used for candle, tart, and oil warmers that never get hard, always keeping a jello like feel and form unless melted when hot.

Gel Esscents

Gel Esscents last 2x longer than original wax tarts.

Gel Esscents always go back to its jello-like form. So, after you have used a cube or two in your warmer and you’re ready to remove or change scents; let the gel cool in your warmer for 30 minutes, then simply peel the gel from your warmer bowl.

Gel Esscents

No tools, no picking, no mess, no hassle…JUST PEEL.

Hassle free clean up. Gel peels out of warmer bowl once cooled unlike soy or paraffin wax.

They made my whole house smell so good and clean up is so simple.

Gel Esscents

Esscents  are compatible with any candle warmer, tart warmer or oil warmers., work best with warmers with 15 watt bulbs or higher or with tea light candle warmers

To get the best invigorating scents our of your Gel melt, start with 1-2 gel cubes. depending on warmer bowl size

Strong traveling scent

Gel Esscents

Each gel cube is 1oz. One gel melt pack is 5.4oz

Can fit small and large warmer bowls or plates. Can tear apart for smaller sizes.

Gel Esscents

Convenient package that holds more gel melts than other individual wax melts.  You can also set these around as air fresheners!  Use them in your car for a fantastic smell.

I just went into the corner of the cube and lifted it out.  They also include a small spoon if you do not want to use your fingers.  Just peel it out and add a new scent.  No more hard to remove wax.  They all smell amazing!  I really think they are a lot stronger than regular wax tarts are.

They offer a great discount when you pick 5 HERE.  You are going to want these they are a lot better than wax!

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I received this product to give my honest opinion.

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  1. What a thrifty idea to have more gel melts than usual. I love the scents and that there’s no hard wax to dig out from your container after melting the Esscents Gel Melts.

  2. These look like they might be better than the wax cubes and less messy. Thanks for the review!

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