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Vac N View

Geosafari Jr. Bug Vac N View Science Kit

The GeoSafari® Jr. Bug Vac ‘n’ View™ is an all-in-one bug vac packed with all the tools little explorers need to collect bugs in their natural habitat and view the fascinating insects up close.  Features include an easy-carry handle, 2 Critter collection chambers with air holes and magnifiers, and a bug booklet for even more fun discoveries. Encourages outdoor exploration for ages 4-7 years.

Vac N View Vac N View

  • Great exploration tool for young scientists. Catch bugs with the gentle suction of the Bug Vac, observe and then release them back to the wild.
  • Includes 2 bug chambers with built-in 4x magnifier and air holes; and bug observation guide
  • Clear tongue allows you to easily see your bug as you try to catch them
  • 2 Bug chambers lets you keep your catches apart
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Supports STEM: Collect, observe and study insects

Vac N View Vac N View

Hop outside and effortlessly collect critters like never before with the GeoSafari Jr. Bug Vac ‘n’ View. No need to touch bugs here—simply turn on the gentle suction to gather and observe insects. This all-in-one bug vac houses two collection containers with built-in air holes and magnifiers for a clear, up-close view of fascinating insects. Slide the lid closed to keep your critters snug in their containers until you want to release them. Includes a booklet about bugs to keep your little tadpoles excited about their natural habitat and the creatures they share it with!

Vac N View

This is so cute, all the boys and girls will love this.  It is very well made also so it will not be destroyed very easily.  It is really easy to use also.  You can see where it comes on at the top between the eyes and a little back, there is a button that you hold to turn on the vacuum.

Vac N View Vac N View

The first container is under the head and just slides into place.  The vacuum will put the bug into the plastic container.  When you pull it out it needs to be closed at the top so the bug does not escape.  Then you can take the one from the middle of the body, put it where the first one was under the head, and collect another bug.  Girls and boys will love this.

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  1. My little grandson would love having one of these. He loves collecting bugs and watching them before letting them go.

  2. Such an awesome exploration tool!! My son would adore this!! And a lot of bugs will live a lot longer with him not squishing them by accident trying to pick them up lol!

  3. This looks like such a fun way to get kids interested in science at an early age! I have several nephews who would LOVE this! They are already super interested in insect life. Thanks for the awesome review of this product!

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