Get Clean On-The-Go With Hanzies Wipes

Hanzies Wipes

Get Clean On-The-Go With Hanzies Wipes

While traveling we like to take wipes with us just in case your hands or face get dirty or feel sticky.  Hanzies Wipes are a new kind of wipe that are nice to have with you whether traveling or just running to the store.  You never know when you will want your hands cleaned and Hanzies Wipes makes it easy for a quick clean up.

These wipes are different because they do not contain alcohol, BZK, triclosans, artificial perfumes or dyes. They are made from natural castile soap, water and essential oils that won’t dry out your skin. Use these all the time without worries. Get squeaky clean without a sticky residue or chemical smell.

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Hanzies Wipes are thicker and softer than most other wipes I have used.  They feel like cotton so if you need to wipe your face it won’t feel like you are scraping it off.  These are easy to carry, just throw a few in the car or in your purse and you can always be as clean as you like.

Great for adults and kids, Handzies are easy to carry and never dry out. The kids are always getting dirty, clean them up in a hurry without worrying about what you are putting on the skin.

When we drive around where we live there is not always a rest stop.  Now I don’t have to use the restroom and worry that I might stick my hand in my mouth before I can clean up.  Just take one of these where you stop and you will be clean.  Rest stop doors are full of germs but how else do you get out.  The next time you stop you will know you can wipe the germs right away when you reach into your purse.

The kids can use these in the school.  We all know the germs are just floating around there.  Now remind them to use a wipe before eating by putting one in the lunch box. What about games and there is no place to wash your hands before the kids eat their after game treat, next time just pull out a Hanzies Wipe!



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  1. These wipes are amazing! I love that they are so natural, and a lot softer than most. With 3 kids we use wipes often, especially when on the go. I definitely need to get some of these!

  2. Hanzies Wipes sounds so convenient and terrific to use. I am always looking for new products like this and I do like that there are no harmful chemicals in this product. More natural is best.

  3. I love that these are a more natural way to clean, because they’re made with castile soap. They don’t contain contain alcohol, BZK, triclosans, artificial perfumes or dyes.

  4. This would be so helpful! When you have four kiddos and your trying to leave the house to go literally anywhere..its a hard task! Thank you!

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