Get Collage Kids To Class On Time With Jetson Quest Electric Scooter

Jetson Quest Electric Scooter

Get Collage Kids To Class On Time With Jetson Quest Electric Scooter

Are your kids ready for collage?  Not quite, get them around campus in no time with this Jetson Quest Electric Scooter.  No more excuses for being late, they can run all the way back to their room if they forget something and still make it on time! Give them more time for studying or getting other things done when they can get there with just a little time instead of having to walk across campus.

I live not far from Central Michigan University and the campus is really spread out, as is most collage campus’.  There is no way this kids have time to run back to their room to grab something they need for class by walking.  This Jetson Quest Electric Scooter would help them out a lot.  Let them show off how smart they are with this energy efficient form of transportation. They really need this before they start back to classes.

Jetson Quest Electric Scooter

The 250W hub motor lets them travel up to 18 miles at 15 mph. The bright LED headlight and deck lights helps with nighttime travel.  This would be great for teenagers, Desiree is always going to her friends in the neighborhood. Since this is suitable for children ages 13 and older it would make a great gift!

Jetson Quest Electric Scooter

The easy fold system makes it easy to bring the Jetson Quest Electric Scooter home on  collage break and visit their friends.  The scooter can handle any rider weighing up to 220.5 lbs so almost anyone can use this to get around.  Plus it has disc brakes to make for sure the rider stops when needed.  Another plus is that the tires are engineered to absorb shock when you’re riding on roads and sidewalks.

The LED display shows battery life, current speed, and more.  I would feel safer if Desiree was on this in the neighborhood or off to collage.  She can get around easily without being too fast, safely with the lights and the great brakes, and I know it is built to last!  She can even store this under her desk for safe keeping, what more can you ask for?  Check out all the feature of this Jetson Quest Electric Scooter and see how much you like about it.


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  1. We have seen a couple of kids riding around on their scooters here. I’ve never seen them walking around or riding a bike, so I guess that’s the only exercise they get. 😉

  2. This is a really impressive scooter for adults! 18 miles is a long ways on one of these, I can already see how handy it would be to have!

  3. I went to a huge school and would often need to sprint to my classes. I would have loved this scooter to help me get around. It goes pretty fast for a scooter.

  4. My son’s been really into riding his scooter lately. He has a kid one. I need to update him to an adult one. He’s 11, and just getting a bit big for his kid one.

  5. I live in a college town and our campus is really spread out. I have not saw any of the students using these, but will watching

  6. This would be a great way to get around!! It sounds like it would also be a FUN way to get around!! I think a helmet is still needed especially for younger children! Even at 15 mph, someone could get hurt! This would be a useful gift 🎁I didn’t read anything about winter riding!? This was pin worthy! Thank you for sharing!

  7. A great way to travel a short distance like at college or to the bus stop!
    Thanks for this review and introducing me to this handy scooter!

  8. These sound great to get around on and just have a little fun. I really appreciate you sharing this. Great gift idea. Thank you so much for sharing

  9. These look like fun for everyone. I have never said one of these before. Thank you so much for sharing

  10. Sounds like fun. Unfortunately, when my girls were going to college, this wouldn’t have been able to get them there. They had friends who lived closer to campus and it would have been great for many of them.

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