Get Rid Of Tear Stains On Your Pet The Natural Way @dancingpetlove

Dancing Pet Natural Eye Tear Stain Remover

  • NO MORE EMBARRASSING UGLY MESS around the eyes, mouth or paws from protein build-up, saliva, food stains or drool.
  • BRIGHTENS and WHITENS light and white hair quickly, helps relax matted areas to release gunk and buildup from protein sources that stain the hair and make it look dirty.
  • NO NEED FOR MEDICATED WIPES, POWDERS, SUPPLEMENTS or EYE DROPS. Easy to use natural solution helps rid ugly tear stains on fur quickly and prevents future staining with regular use.
  • FAST & EASY! Just wipe this safe natural solution gently on the stained hair and leave it to soften the gunk and do its work. Repeat daily till stains fade away.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS and no citrus or fragrance to irritate. Works well with our natural moisturizing and whitening shampoo. Scroll for offers on all our products.

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Tired of seeing the stained areas on your pet’s fur that keep it looking dirty and messy?Why stay frustrated trying medicated wipes, expensive supplements or chews, eye drops that aren’t easy to use? Or harsh bleaching chemicals that can irritate your dog’s or cat’s skin, hair and eyes?We Believe the Natural Way is Best!
* No Sulphates
* No Parabens
* No MEA or DEA
* Soap-free non-irritating non-toxic
* No bleach or citrus added to sting or irritate eye area
* No fragrance to irritate sensitive nose or eyes
* Our Natural ingredients are derived from coconuts and palm with a process producing non-toxic oils that gently but effectively cleanse and brighten protein stained fur, plus de-mat and protect it. We use no citrus or fragrance (unlike most tear-stain removers) that irritate the sensitive eye area.Just wipe this topical solution on the stained areas to start the lightening process. Rub gently out away from the eye. Use a separate fresh pad or cloth for each eye area. Leave it on so it has time to penetrate stained fur and break down enzymes causing the stains. This brings fastest results. Safe and gentle for daily use until fur stains are gone – and weekly for prevention of restaining.This naturally-derived formulation will gently eliminate the build-up of residue around the eyes, and simultaneously lighten existing stains. With continued use, it will eliminate future residue and staining. Any stain not removed within the first week is “dyed fur” that needs to grow out and be trimmed off.Safe for cats, dogs, small animals, horses over 12 weeks. Hypoallergenic.

Safety Information
For topical use only. Not for use in the eyes or for ingestion.

This eye tear stain remover for dogs and cats is all-natural and gentle yet effective, working to lighten stubborn fur stains from the first application and increasing the brightening effect over time. This is done without toxic or harsh chemicals that bleach, dry out and irritate the skin and coat. Our effective formula contains plant-based naturally derived ingredients, such as coconut oil, palm oil, and natural whitening agents that break down the stain-causing proteins. We do not include any citrus extracts or fragrances which can irritate sensitive eye areas. The formula is also soap-free to avoid drying out the skin or hair. What this does NOT contain: No Phosphate, Sulfate, Parabens or Alcohol, No MEA or DEA, No Fragrance, No Drugs or Medications, No Bleach or Toxic Chemicals.

Only animal friendly testing was used in developing this product. After all, we LOVE our animals! We chose NOT to use some natural ingredients others use that can cause a problem, such as adding citrus extracts that can have a bleaching effect, but be hard on sensitive skin and the eye area. Nor do we use a fragrance, as this can also be irritating to the eye and nose when applied so close to it. The coconut, palm and vegetable glycerin oils are beneficial to retain an alkaline base on your pet’s skin and not the acidic residue left behind from many other pet products. So while the stained fur areas are getting degunked and brightened, our natural formulation helps keep skin moist and the hair and fur looking its best.

1. Shake well before using. 2. Apply solution to a clean, dust-free towel or a cotton swab. 3. Gently rub stained areas for a few minutes, moving away from the eyes. Avoid direct eye contact and abrasive rubbing. 4. Wipe away gunk and stain residue. No need to wash off tear stain remover, as it will continue to break down fur stains till next treatment. 5. Use daily until the build-up of residue is removed, then use weekly to keep the fur clean and stain-free. 6. Any fur stains still remaining after a week of daily use should be considered permanently stained and will need to be trimmed off as it grows out, then maintained weekly to prevent new stains.

Legal Disclaimer
For topical use only. Not for use in eyes or to be ingested.

Seller Warranty Description
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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  1. I never really thought or looked for things like this on my pets, but I will now!

    I love that these products use all natural ingredients! I pinned this, not only to

    remember these, if the problem should arise, but to also share with my fellow

    pinners. Thanks for the info!!

  2. I love and appreciate the more natural products for our animals!! We worry so much about what we put on ourselves but we also worry about what we put on our pets!! This sounds like a great product with fabulous results!! I will share with my doggy moms 🙂

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