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Get The Fans Favorite BBQ Set

Does your man have a Favorite sports team?  Then he needs a fans favorite BBQ set.  You can get this great 3 piece set for the perfect gift.  The set includes heavy-duty spatula, grill fork (both with built-in bottle openers), and tongs.  The spatula can have your emblem from every major-league sports team, over 140 college teams, or any branch of the military. The logos are laser etched on this piece.

The spatula is extra-large and is made from stainless steel and hard maple wood.  It has a built-in bottle opener and so does the extra-large fork. This can help with opening any beer or other drinks.  Hubby likes to use the spatula to turn steaks and sometime he uses the tongs.  He also uses the tongs for hot dogs and burgers to see if they are done before flipping.

All 4 wood handles have the name of team etc., on each one of them. Grommet bbq set for dad is the perfect gift for Father’s Day.  Dad can get his favorite team and run the grill as usual.  Sportula has made the perfect set with the large spatula, fork, and tongs.  This can be used everyday and it a breeze to clean up.

Who’s in charge of the grill at your house?  Well this is a perfect gift.  What about the in-laws, would Dad love this set?  Anyone that receives these will love how nice all 3 pieces are.  Built with great craftsmanship and attention to every detail.

Don’t forget to check out everything The Grommet has.  They have things you use everyday, unique items, and things that are great gifts you cannot find anyplace else!

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  1. This is such a nice gift for sports fans! They seem very well made too. I have several relatives who would love to receive this awesome bbq set. I’ll have to remember this for the next time their birthdays come around.

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