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Get The Kids A New Academic Planner This Year

Get The Kids A New Academic Planner This Year!

It can be so hard to find time to get everything done, and sometimes it helps just to write it down to keep track easier.  Well at least that is how I am, and I think our kids can learn to schedule their time better too.  A new academic planner each year will help them schedule all their activities, homework, jobs, and more.  Order Out of Chaos has some of the best planners available.

As the name suggests academic planners are made to make your child’s life easier by knowing what is scheduled for the day, and what is due that day.  No more waiting until too late to get that report done,  Write notes in that remind yourself to work on that report for 1/2 hour each day for a week instead of trying to get in done in 3 hours when you have a full day schedules.

This is the newest

The first page helps this find it’s owner if it gets lost, plus it keeps the child’s new schedule handy and organized.  It then has a letter from the Leslie of Order Out Of Chaos.  She explains important things kids can use that will benefit them while using the academic planner.

Next it has sample pages, so the student will see how to fill use the academic planner best.  This has a great project planning guide for the kids to use with large projects, to keep them in manageable pieces.

There is also a full school year at a glance in the beginning.

This is what the student will see at the beginning of each month.  They can make notes of bigger projects and make small notes on the monthly calendar to help them remember things.

Here is a great place for notes and appointments, due dates, etc.  Put study time, work time for big projects, and mark when your tests are – then they will never be surprised and always ready.

Every other month have alternate color, blue and burgundy so you know you are not writing in the wrong month just by color.

There is also a daily schedule to track by class or hour.  Writing down whether you have homework or not helps when you check back at the notes.

This academic planner runs July 2018 – June 2019.

In the back of the book is a clear folder for paper and putting them in backwards, since they are clear, is an easy way to get a few extra minutes of study time when available.

All of their planners are great for any type of school, elementary to college.

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  1. These are awesome planners! I have always loved making lists and writing down what I did every day, every since I was a kid. I need to get my kids into these now that they are getting older. Thanks for sharing!

  2. A new academic planner each year will help them schedule all their activities, homework, jobs, and more.

  3. My niece has a hard time staying organized in school – they used to give the kids planners every year but I guess it got too expensive. This would be a great BTS gift for her!

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