Get The Kids Back On A Schedule

Get The Kids Back On A Schedule

Get The Kids Back On A Schedule

We all can use a planner to keep track of appointments and things we need to do.  Kids need to be on a schedule to.  They have a lot of assignments to do, practice to go to, possible work schedules, then add regular doctor’s appointments.  Order Out Of Chaos will help get and keep them all organized.

Order Out of Chaos’ mission is to provide hands-on education, guidance and coaching to parents and their students through their customized products and programs, so all children – both mainstream and with learning difficulties – can develop the necessary skills needed to experience success in learning and in life. This is their 2021-22 Academic Planner: A Tool For Time Management®.

This starts with all the basic information so that if this is misplaced it can be returned to the rightful owner. Desiree keeps all her schedule in hers and if she lost it she would not know where she is suppose to go. With all the kids have to remember these days, this planner will really help them organize their life.

This shows the kids exactly how to use this planner with examples and helpful information.

They can see the whole school year at a glance.  Maybe circle important dates like spring break or winter break and the last day of school for the year.  I like this planner because you can even use this by year round students.

On the left side is the list of classes so it is easier to keep track of them while using the regular planner, I will refer back to this a little further down. This shows the month at a glance, so they can write important dates and different schedules and will know where and what they will be doing.

This is the back cover with the list of classes on this side also.

They can use this to write anything they will need to make for sure they make time for that is not on their calendar.

This page has each day of the week on it.  I do not have the left cover showing but if it was you can see how the classes line up with each section so they can make daily notes of important things they mentioned or are due. You only have to write your subjects one time which makes it so much easier on the student.

In the very back in this clear folder for any papers they need to have with them.  They can also put study guides and project details in here so when they go to work on them they know where they are at.


It’s Easy To Use. The planner’s patented design allows students to see when assignments are due and tests scheduled ALONGSIDE after-school commitments and free blocks of time.

It’s Functional. Seeing both scheduled and available blocks of time creates an easy and natural method for students to record and review their weekly schedules facilitating weekly time management and planning strategies.

It Puts the Student in Control. Writing down assignments requires students to keep track of assignments and deadlines themselves and reinforces what needs to be done.

As you can see the kids will be able to schedule everything they need to and Order Out Of Chaos has made it easy for them to plan their days.

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  1. This sounds like the perfect school planner! I love that it guides you and helps you stay organized and ready. I am a big fan of planners and list, I think they help a lot with both school and life!

  2. This looks like a really nice student planner to be able to write down assignments for each separate class or mark test/quiz dates coming up or other important upcoming school events!

  3. There is nothing like a good planner! Its a must have in my case. We need to check this out for back to school shopping!

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