Get Your Holiday Outfit At Shinesty

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Get Your Holiday Outfit At Shinesty

Everyone needs a new holiday outfit and Shinesty has something for everyone. From candy canes suits to this beautiful snowflake dress they have everything you might need to look sharp at the holiday party or just at home for an extra special dinner. Get dressed up for the holidays and find your new holiday outfit now before they are gone, you will get the best choices.

Shinesty has top quality clothing that is easy to care for and is oh so comfy! Desiree looks great in this Millennial Snowflake dress. She loves how it feels and it fits perfectly! This is her holiday outfit and she is thrilled. She is ready for all her holiday parties.

Introducing the snowflake white party dress, now with POCKETS. There’s something about wearing a white dress that just makes you feel jolly and bright. Is it because white is a color that is as risky to wear as buttless chaps? Or maybe because whoever made up the rule you can’t wear white after Labor Day was holding out on us. Either way, this year they revamped the matching family outfit game by offering up this design in a plethora of different outfit choices.

What’s the backstory to this green and red plaid Christmas suit you ask? Well, there was a time when flannels actually meant something. The flannel used to be strictly for Home Improvement’s Al Borland, lumberjacks who get their maple syrup straight from the source, and that behemoth of a man from the Brawny Paper Towel label. Nowadays, you can’t go two clicks north without running into a hipster in plaid whose beard reeks of patchouli oil. It’s an atrocity.

The hilarious hypocrisy of the situation is that we are neither lumberjacks nor home improvement gurus, yet we still made a plaid Christmas sweater suit. And our model, who got his calluses from baking gingerbread cookies for his wife’s Christmas-themed bunco party, is sporting evergreen-scented face lotion he bought online.

Versatility is key when purchasing a holiday dress this year. Keep it classy and jolly with this red and green Christmas dress. With this reversible skater dress, you score two different necklines in one. Wear with a high neck for a more sophisticated look, or a scoop neck to get a little saucy at the Christmas pop-up bar. The knit print is a timeless look that will continue to turn heads at each and every party this holiday season. Match your mate with this print in eight different styles.

Even if you don’t want to wear the fun fabrics your man can look good with this The Puppy Style. This ugly Christmas Sweater Tie is great for any man. Finish his holiday outfit off with the perfect tie.

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  1. Since we rarely go out anymore I wear lounge clothes most of the time. I would love one of the Christmas dresses for the holidays.

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