Get Your Pets Portrait Hand Drawn With Schlueter Sketch Studios

Get Your Pets Portrait Hand Drawn With Schlueter Sketch Studios

Most of us have a pet in our lives or possible had a favorite pass away. Schluester Sketch Studios will draw your pet to look just like your favorite picture of them.  These are hand drawn portraits that look perfect.  You will get them in black and white cause they are pencil portraits.  They are hand-drawn by your soon to be favorite artist!

Schlueter Sketch Studios

My husband’s favorite dog was Chase and he was gorgeous. He lived for close to 18 years and we still miss him!  I wanted something special for my husband re-retirement.  He worked part-time after retiring so I had Schlueter Sketch Studios make an awesome piece of artwork.  I sent them a few pictures to give her the best features to choose from and they did just that.

Schlueter Sketch Studios

She sent me a draft to ok and I got so excited to see it in the portrait, it is perfect.

Schlueter Sketch Studios

As you can see this artwork came out beautiful and perfect.  I thought my husband was going to cry.  This will be a keepsake that Desiree will have for her family.  I have to pick up the perfect frame.  I want it in glass so it will stay perfect for years to come.  The Artist has drawn a lot of detail with all the fur he had, his face is awesome, and the shading is placed perfectly.

This is a a one of kind, highly detailed keepsake portrait that can be hung & cherished now & for years to come. All done working off YOUR photos. Let Schlueter Sketch Studios years of artistic experience help to create a truly lifelike rendering of your beloved pet. Satisfaction Guarantee, Impeccable Attention to Detail, Personal & Professional Service Always

Schlueter Sketch Studios

This comes all wrapped in dog paws paper or similar, and looks great.  This is such a perfect gift for anyone that loves their pets!  Just give to them exactly the way it arrives and they will be thrilled.  Or get your own portrait for your loving pets to remember them always.

This is the owner/Artist that will complete your special portrait.  Book a portrait and allow her to create a one of a kind keepsake piece for you. Simply click on the Commission A Portrait tab and select what size dog drawing or pet picture piece you would like done. Then supply your photos to be put into her Master Artist’s Schedule. She will then work closely with you to create a custom artwork piece of your beloved best friend. Please don’t hesitate to contact her to discuss your piece. She will help you by guiding you through the process. Using years of artistic experience you can expect that she will highlight the love you have for your animal & bring out all the life & light of your pet . A portrait is a wonderful way to show how much you appreciate all the love & loyalty your pet bestows upon you. I am a reputable Artist & will make sure your piece is one you will cherish & display proudly, guaranteed!


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