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Gift Wrap My Face

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Gift Wrap My Face

Gift Wrap My Face

I can’t wait for Christmas for Desiree to see my face on the wrapping paper! She is going to laugh as any 17 year old would do but it will be great fun! Gift Wrap My Face wrapping paper is amazing! No more boring wrapping paper for me I am going to get my wrapping paper from Gift Wrap My Face every time!

Sending a gift to someone with a little extra surprise would be the best present ever. Gift Wrap My Face gift wrap is such a great idea. When I first found this I knew I really wanted this for the holidays.  We give gifts and this year my gifts will be remembered!

elfie dance™ smart gift wrap

You can put anyone’s picture on this. Put the receiver’s face on there and they will know the gift is for them. This one even has an QR code that lets the gift wrap do some moves.  This is just adorable.

Dancing elves starring your face (or the face of anyone you love). More than a gift wrap, it’s an experience! This augmented reality custom gift wrap is activated via a QR code. Includes gifting stickers.

crispy christmas gift wrap

This wrapping paper is 100% Made in the U.S.A. Their products are created, designed, printed, and shipped from Florida using the highest quality paper and ink.

They use a thicker stock paper then regular giftwrap so inks don’t bleed during the personalized print run. In addition, they do not add harmful shiny chemicals or coating like you see in gift wrap made overseas.

They print on matte paper so your creations will last, not the thin, shiny, mass-produced stuff you’ll find at a local store.

This gift wrap is not just for the holidays. They have a variety to choose from for all year. This is the best gift wrap you can buy and it is more special when someone’s face is on it!





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  1. This is a hilarious idea! I know so many that would definitely get a kick out of this, how fun! I love that they also let you include moves using an app.

  2. This is so awesome! I may need to order some of this, it would be hilarious to wrap my siblings presents in it.

  3. pretty kewl. My family would roll their eyes if they saw me on their packages….and me…I would just laugh

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